Instead of Flowers, How About an Enchanting Seashell Bouquet?

Today is super hot and humid but I went to Pilates anyway, and saw a friend of mine who’s a nurse and she always has a handful of non-latex gloves or figs from her tree for me and I trade her tomatoes and cucumbers and clary sage seedlings, so it’s a win-win for both of us.

I’m really excited about all my clary sage seedlings; I have about 100 of ‘em that look very healthy but will have to wait for the weather to cool down to put them in the ground. Here in So Cal, October is our spring, and that’s the best time I have found to plant natives.

So I have all these seashells, right?¬† Prolly thousands of them, collected by me or presented as gifts, and I’m not super creative like everyone on Etsy and Pinterest, but I do like to embellish almost everything with shells and rocks. I was looking for a new project and somewhere saw a bouquet of seashells and starfish and thought that it looked easy enough to re-create, so I did!

Plus, I hadn’t heard from my tugboat man in two days and I tend to worry a lot about him and the boat’s email has been down for a few days; a project is a way to take my mind¬† away from negative territory. OK, well, he just called as I was typing that sentence-whew! Now I can stop stressing. Everything is fine, there’s a bit of bad weather, but he should be home by September 20. He was taking one boat and bringing another one back.

How to make the seashell bouquet:
1. Get craft sticks of all sizes; I even used chopsticks
2. If you don’t have a glue gun, get one! I can’t live without mine, that’s for sure. For this project, you don’t have to be perfect, obvs you need to use more glue for the heavier starfish
3. If you want to use florist’s foam,that would be a good idea; I didn’t do that here, but I did fill the vase with paper

Voila! Here’s the finished product. This vase is at the bottom of our stairs up to the second level and is the first thing you see when you come in the front door.

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31 thoughts on “Instead of Flowers, How About an Enchanting Seashell Bouquet?

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    While I’m doing a zillion loads of laundry from our camping trip (why so much??), downloading photos, and organizing my thoughts to post “The Princess Guide to Camping”, I thought I’d tempt you with a little old post from a few months ago. Seashells is my name, seashells are my game…just a reminder that it’s not always all about Chanel!

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    • I need to make more of them…I just got an adorable vintage vase with little frogs climbing all over…perfect for a seashell bouquet!

      On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 4:28 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo

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  7. Oh, me likey! Do you know how lucky you people are to have all those shells readily available? The Husband and I were THRILLED to find a fishbowl half full of assorted, but mostly common, shells, (and one tiny starfish) for $5 at a local thrift shop,(we’re used book junkies…btw, Shells, he told me that I had to tell you about them.You have invaded our lives!)]
    Spring???How dare you talk Spring! We are getting the coldest weather yet…into the single digits tomorrow night. Think warm thoughts for us!

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