Deja vu?

It’s time to begin preparations for another marathon of mom shuttling, cooking, baking, and honing my special stain removal skill set.

El Capitan is due back next Thursday, my son (Angel Boy, AB in future) flies in the next day, DIL comes in for one day on Sunday,  and AB flies back out on Monday because he has a class to teach on Tuesday. Have I mentioned that he’s a Professor at Yale? I am trying to take the mom pride thing down a notch; however, in my defense, that’s kind of impossible. As a Jewish mom, it’s in my DNA. I’m loud and proud! Sorry, Angel Boy, that’s just the mom you have. Deal with it!

Maybe between the two of their Ph.d.s, DIL and AB can teach me how to work Facebook. It has become my adversary, no, my nemesis, which I WILL master if it is the last thing I do.

Nietzsche said, “Man is something that shall be overcome…” Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Replace man with Facebook (and iPhoto) and you get the picture. I resisted FB and Twitter as long as possible, but I have officially capitulated and need to catch up fast.

The box sits on one of my seashell tables, soon to be on Etsy!

I finished my new project; I collected some of my favorite polished rocks and seashells and an unusual piece of driftwood with a hole in the center (from the Bering Sea), and glued them on the top of a wooden box the captain made for me a few months ago. He crafted a frame of rope work and I left the edges raw and threaded faux pearls through some of them in a random fashion to look like a tassel. I really love it.  What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Deja vu?

  1. I really like it and it looks great. Love the rocks and seashells and the rope. I am on Facebook and although it drives me crazy at times have met some nice friends. Let me know when you join!


  2. Like did I drive him there? I prob did, that seems to be what I do. With that child, his brains were too big for this small town. I don’t know where they came from, but thank you for the thought. Us moms do all we can for our babies.


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