Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain's Wife:

My darling and talented Mrs. Furry Ferny Files, has created the ultimate in Saturday Night Dance Moves with her gorgeous children. I am humbled by the beautiful moves and by the fact that she had 3 kids and no cellulite! Love to all the family! Your little enchanted jewish princess.

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I dedicate this video to my friends Simply Stacia (because she made an awesome Zumba video which I loved) and Enchanted Seashells (because she is such a sweetheart and I wanted to give her a present). As usual, my children took over this whole operation. I was feeling very “white” next to them. No, I haven’t seen the sun in a while – thank God Jamaica is coming up soon – and yes, they both dance WAY better than I do. And then my younger son says, “How come I wasn’t in this?” Well, maybe because you were passed out on the couch from partying for four days straight. Can I help it that that’s what you do when exams are over? Nineteen years stupid, humph.

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