Wordless Wednesday. Turn Right at the Teddy Bear.

(Or mostly wordless…)

Our our recent trip to Mexico, my tugboat man would leave at first light to get in an early surf sesh.


I walked to the beach after a leisurely cup of coffee on the patio with the resident cat to keep me company.

2014-01-23 06.52.58

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Crawl in my suitcase and don’t make a sound – I wish we could have brought her home with us, but that would be called stealing and I’d still be languishing in a Mexican jail.

2014-01-23 06.55.58

I don’t have a good sense of direction, so this little guy was my marker, helping me remember which way to go.

Turn right at the tedddy bear. Adios!

Eddy bear cactus

A wintry day in Southern California

It’s a cold and rainy Saturday. I’m baking an apple pie and my captain is making yet another shelf for more seashells. Good times, y’all.

We don’t have snow on the ground, but some trees do lose their leaves and change color, like this fruit-bearing mulberry.

yellow leaves on treeI snapped a pic of a super active yellow finch in our artichoke plant.

yellow finch in artichoke plantTake the steps up to the second level

steps to the second leveland more steps to the highest point of our yard planted in California natives-sages, buckwheat, sumac, and cactus.

up to the third level

A view to the east of Calavera with Mt. Laguna further in the distance.

view of calavera and laguna

Check out our lawn and house from the hill. It’s a work-in-progress.

looking down from the hillI hope everyone is enjoying the last Saturday before 2013!