Day 75

Here’s what I did today: went to the gym; tough class, Core Central, lots of weights, lunges, squats, planks, and sit ups. It’s really just a race against time, isn’t it? I’m not addicted to it, but I have always exercised or taken ballet, and it’s super essential to me and my MM. When he is out to sea, he makes time to work out as much as he can. A lot of guys are sedentary and eat too much, but we are very health conscious.  After the gym, I went across the parking lot to Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked up some iron-on rhinestone letters. More on that later. From there, I went to Trader’s for coffee, yogurt, bread, salmon, and juices for my smoothies. I drove to Bed Bath & Beyond for some Debbie Meyer Green Bags. The advertisements say they keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. I’m pretty skeptical, but since I have a huge apple harvest and all the garden veggies are starting to ripen, I thought I’d take a chance (despite mixed reviews) and try them. My MM doesn’t always get enough fresh fruits and vegetables on a long trip, and that’s what he craves when he comes home.  Not quite finished with errands and shopping, I went to the Joe’s Jeans outlet store and found the white skinny jeans I had been looking for. I got the Visionaire Skinny High Waist. Not cheap at $99 but better than the department store $160 or more.
5pm-Just got an unexpected quick three-minute call from my MM. Just like I thought, he is going to be delayed. It’s a good thing I didn’t start planning for his big Welcome Home spectacular.
Here’s what I did with the rhinestone letters; I have a cute plain black cotton t-shirt, and I cut out “CHANEL” and ironed it on! I had seen the same exact thing online and thought I’d just DIY. It came out perfect. I think it will look cute with my white skinny jeans and a pair of heels.

There seems to be a pattern to the way I survive the lengthy absences. The first couple of weeks he is gone is pretty hard; I have to readjust from being a couple to being single. It takes a couple of weeks to re-establish my own routine. The majority of the separation runs fairly smoothly; I have learned to manage my days just fine. Toward the end (like now) I go through a phase of hating the situation, hating him, hating life, and I’m just plain tired of being alone and doing everything alone. Girlfriends are nice, but def not the same.  I know he misses me and wishes he was home, and I understand military wives have support groups to help them with the long absences, but Merchant Marines don’t have that kind of assistance—we don’t have any help at all.  This was one of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog. I’m hoping other MM wives will want to chat and share their experiences. When I was at the craft store, the clerk asked if I was “military” so I would be eligible for the military discount, and I said that my husband was a Merchant Marine, but not considered military and she had absolutely no idea what a merchant marine was or did, and had never actually heard the term.  This happens all the time; I think it is a perfect opportunity for a major PR campaign to explain what an important role the merchant marine plays in commerce and in support of our country’s infrastructure.

What helps me is to keep busy. I’ve started spring cleaning, well, summer cleaning—moving furniture, washing windows, laundering, ironing, and re-hanging curtains—that kind of thing. I create other projects for myself; check out the light switches and seashell encrusted mirror. And yes, those are shells I hot glued all the way around my upstairs bathroom wall.


Now it's your turn to share your pearls with me. Cheers!

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