Part Two: Homecoming, Hello and Goodbye

Writing a blog that is  auto or semi-autobiographical with personal experiences is all in the deets but I’ve discovered that it’s a high wire act writing about family and friends, ‘cos if we’re honest, we all want a peek into someone elses life to contrast and compare, admittedly even with prurient curiosity at times, right? I mean, that’s why reality shows are so successful, Snooki for example. We like the dirt, we are voyeurs far removed and anonymous. So, I had to have a discussion with my mariner husband to make sure that I only share what he feels is OK and appropriate and not too much TMI.  So, he just got home and we walked in the door and he’s super happy to see the welcome home signs and gifts. Yes, that IS a gift-wrapped shovel!

Before he left in April, he broke a shovel, and I thought it would be a useful gift as I have lots of digging for him to do in the garden, and it’s a lifetime guaranteed Craftsman shovel from Sears, made in the USA. Hey, I didn’t have much notice he was coming home! The first thing he did was take a long shower, a luxury after months of what he calls “sea showers”.  Apparently, it’s a shower where you wet yourself down, turn the water off, use soap, shampoo, whatever, and turn the water back on to rinse off.  Tanks of fresh water need to be conserved for obvious reasons. I’m bugging him for my presents, since I am a spoiled princess-type-and proud of it. I mean, when I was little, my dad would “give” me his birthday, so I’d get presents on his birthday as well as my own, and also had a party on my half-birthday with a half cake and small prezzies. (I do that for my son, too) We celebrated Christmas and Hannukah, much to the consternation of many of our relatives, especially since my grandfather was a rabbi, but my mom thought no child should be deprived of Santa, so we had a tree and a menorah! Bottom line, it’s not my fault. I was conditioned to receive and I am a very good receiver of gifts because I love them so much! This time he brought caviar and vodka from Russia, silk dresses and dressing gowns from Singapore, silk scarves, and the most exquisite handmade mother-of-pearl inlaid box and mirror compact from Korea.  We went out on the deck and popped the cork on a bottle of champs and toasted his homecoming with the caviar and also delicious kimchi from Korea. I have no idea how anything that smells so awful can be so delicious. I guess it is totes apparent that his presents are a thousand times better than that dumb shovel, right? He even went into the Chanel in Singapore, but the prices scared him off. They are outrageously more expensive than here in the States, and it just wasn’t gonna happen.

This is where it gets a little tricky. Do I leave it to the reader’s imagination to figure out what comes next or do I need to spell it out for you in graphic detail? I mean, what do you think is on his mind (and mine) after more than three months of celibacy??? This is NOT material for another Fifty Shades of Gray. Just a happy time for two people who missed each other very much.  A reunion does have its perks.

I been warned that something like this might happen one day; that he’d come home after being gone for a long time, and have to go right back out on another assignment, but I still wasn’t prepared for him to only be home for seven days before he left again, this time until October. Hopefully after that, he will be home for a really long time. The way it’s supposed to work is an equal amount of time home as is gone, like two months home for two months away.  He was gone much too soon!


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