Marlinspike Seamanship as Art

What does my merchant seaman captain husband do when he’s gone besides working pretty much 24/7? He watches a lot of DVDs on his computer; he likes Curb Your Enthusiasm, Deadwood, and Justified-an eclectic choice. Sometimes there is TV, but not always.  He has devised his own work out regimen to stay in shape, and he does beautiful marlinspike seamanship, or ropework. It takes an unbelievable amount of patience and time to complete these works of art. He taught himself, and by reading the definitive work on the subject, The Ashley Book of Knots, but his long assignments away from home is what has really perfected his skills. It’s a beautiful expression of fiber art. This black bottle is one he recently completed.

  He makes beautiful bracelets, too. I help out with the faux pearls and embedded semi-precious stones. We have been selling a lot of them and I’m working on an Etsy site but it’s not quite ready.

6 thoughts on “Marlinspike Seamanship as Art

  1. Thank you so much for liking my post “Mom, Her Grandpa and Me” on Paper, Mud and Me. I have always loved marlinspike seamanship. Even as a little boy in Central Africa I dreamed of sailing. One of the first books i bought after we arrived the US was Ashley’s book. When I finally had my own sailboat you can imagine it had Turks Heads at the top of every stanchion.


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