Filling Up The Minutes And Hours. Tick Tock.

I’m looking out my kitchen window which frames our backyard and I am not kidding, a ROADRUNNER just ran across the lawn and up the steps to the back part of the property. A ROADRUNNER! I know we’re in SoCal, but this is not the Anza-Borrego desert, this is a neighborhood full of houses. Wow, I just ran outside to try and snap a pic, but he ran under some sagebrush and I didn’t want to scare him. How. Cool. Is. That. Seriously.

What do I do besides going to the gym and shopping? I do an awful lot of reading. I read books the old school way. I like the feel of paper between my fingers. I like to dog ear the page corners.  I love chick lit; Emily Giffin, Sophie Kinsella, Plum Sykes, Diana Gabaldon, Elin Hilderbrand, Lauren Weisberger, and even a tiny amount of LC (Lauren Conrad). Giffen is wonderful, Hilderbrand is an enigma to me; I wish I liked her writing more than I do-I always feel a little unsatisfied, a little unfulfilled by the end of the story. Of course, you can’t be healthy with a diet full of sweets, so I do read more conventional lit too, like Faulkner and Lawrence and O’Conner and Welty. In fact, I named my Border Collie Stella Rondo, in honor of a character in her short story, Why I Live at the P.O.  Right now I’m adding a little protein to the menu ‘cos I’m re-reading Jane Austen’s Emma.  Confession: I am guilty of reading-and liking-the Gossip Girl series. Actually, I admire anyone who can get their words published!
So sad to hear about the death of Maeve Binchy. I think I have read just about every book she wrote. Although they don’t really fit the category of chick lit per se, her character development draws me in every single time.

I have another DIY Chanel creation-check out the hat!
Just my opinion:I just heard that my local Kamay store is closing which is too bad ‘cos I drive right by Ulta to go there. I have noticed that for some reason, I am invisible when I go to Ulta. No one wants to help or answer a question. It’s happened more than once, so it wasn’t just an off day. It’s like my being there is an imposition or I don’t fit in with their target demographics. So, I always go to Kamay because they have great customer service.  I was wondering how to make my OPI Pink-ing of You opaque and the really helpful sales associate showed me how to use a coat of white underneath to make the pink stand out better. Plus, she told me about Hoof Lacquer as a top coat, which is awesome.

5 thoughts on “Filling Up The Minutes And Hours. Tick Tock.

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and it echoes so many things in my life! I’m also a merchant marines wife, he’s a master who travels far and wide(and long) and no one gets it! I was toying with the idea of starting up a blog myself because I thought I was all alone in this crazy lifestyle. Great job, from a new, soon-to-be faithful reader!


    • Thank you so much for reading my blog! I really hope to create a community of MM wives to share our unique stories and perspectives. If there is enough interest in my area (San Diego-ish) I’ll start a meet-up group.


      • We are an east coast family, so wouldn’t be able to physically join the group. I’m just so glad to know you’re out there! Keep writing about this life!


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