Want versus need

…or why I have a drawerful of new Chanel cosmetics and don’t have a new vacuum cleaner. Cinderella versus I’m sure I really was a princess in a former life. On the one hand, I really need a new vacuum cleaner. The Hoover canister I got off Craiglist a few years ago works OK but weighs as much as a ’57 Buick. I’ve had several Electrolux vacuums, and they are very capable and sturdy, but the new hot models from Miele are lightweight and uber efficient. They’re a German manufacturer.…and have the highest ratings. Mid to super pricey, but worth it, and they come in a variety of colors to coordinate with any décor…but, the lure of a makeover at Macy’s with top New York Chanel make up artists was too great to deny.

Me with New York Chanel runway makeup stylist, RC Stephens

Holding a Chanel that does not belong to me!

One part of me said no no NO, but  the other part of me, the one that owned the hand that dipped into my not Chanel handbag and seemed to be caught up in the frenzy of the moment and whipped out the credit card at warp speed-faster than the speed of light-faster than a speeding bullet– and plunked it on the counter, not listening to the little whispery voice in my head that said, “How about a subtotal before you ring it up” and the louder voice shouted, “Go for it, chicka, you deserve it, and you can pile on the makeup while you lug that old vacuum from room to room”. “I am not could be a Real Housewife if only the casting director could see me!!! Those wicked women, Rebecca Bloomwood along with Erica Kane, invaded the deepest layers of my brain and I. Could. Not. Resist. I was powerless–yes, concealer, yes, eye shadow, yes, lipstick and liner, more, more, more! And my special reward was the little Chanel bag of samples–more to try, more to buy! Buoyed by the shopping endorphins, reality set in when I got home and looked over the receipt–I was truly amazed. I am usually such a thrifty gal, but that girl had vanished. And I never had the champagne they were offering,  so I can’t blame alcohol for lowering my inhibitions.

My toys, on a vintage Chanel scarf from my mom’s trip to Paris in 1973

I purged my drawers of old cosmetics–really old, ‘cos I don’t normally wear much, and I am a saver–I found twenty and thirty-year-old  eye shadow and mascara and eye liner. The most amazing find is this 1968  Yardley make-up brush. It went with a blush which I don’t have anymore, but how crazy is it that I brought it out with me from Detroit when we came out west in 1969 and kept it through so many moves!Confessed it all to the captain when he called (for the last time ‘cos they were heading out of cell phone territory) and he was very nice about my aberrant behavior. He can’t really  understand the lure of Chanel, but I think his logic is that it is less costly for him to pay for a shopping bag of cosmetics as opposed to that 2.55 I want so so so much. He’s wrong about that, but I appreciate his hypothesis!


Chanel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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