Confession Du Jour: I’d Totally DO Bill Clinton

Cover of "Curly Girl"

Cover of Curly Girl

Confession time: I just gotta say this after I watched Bill Clinton’s speech last night.  With all due respect to Hills, whom I LOVE (and hope she runs for President), and with the same due respect to my wonderful, handsome husband,  I have to say this about former President Bill Clinton…I would totally do him (not really, but I’d consider it). There is just something about him that is so charismatic. You know what I mean, right? Is it the pout of his mouth as he drives home a succinct yet snarky point? Could it be the twinkle in his eye when he’s turning on his I’m-a-bad-boy-from-a-small-Arkansas-town charm? Whatever it is, it is rather a turn-on. Or maybe my captain has just been gone a bit too long. Yeah, that’s it. That’s it.

In other news, today was a day for getting things done; went to Noni Salon in Encinitas and had my roots done and my hair shaped by my gal pal Melanie. I am not ashamed to admit that there’s about 75% grey that gives me that lovely skunky line right down my scalp after about a month. I know some girls look great going natural, but that’s not for me. I don’t have the right skin tone to pull it off. Before I met Mel (at the gym, of course) no one but no one could cut my super curly hair. I think I have had every single bad hair cut a curly girl could possibly get. I used to cry when I came away with uneven, too short, choppy haircuts. Melanie has curly hair too, and she’s a genius with cut and color. Truly, as much as a bad haircut can hurl us into the deepest, darkest depression, a good hair cut and fresh, shiny color gives us a whole new positive attitude. Any curly girls out there? What’s your favorite product to kill the frizz but keep the curl?

The garden is feeling the ravages of summers end; I had to pick all of the remaining cucumbers, tomatoes, and kale. With no one to cook for, I searched the internet for easy ways to preserve my harvest. I put up a batch of ten jars of Easy Refrigerator Pickles. I got the recipe from Rodale. I’m going to freeze the tomatoes whole; I’ve not tried that before, but there are many good reviews of that method. The kale is gonna get chopped in the food processor and frozen in ice cube trays. That’s an easy way to add kale to soups or even smoothies.

Here’s an easy seashell suggestion: Our dining room light is a dimmer switch, and it was crying out for a seashell, so I glued a scallop shell on it about seven years ago and it has held up very well. The plate is beaten copper I found at a little shop in Solana Beach. The wall is a technique I tried that looks great; it’s sort of like a gold venetian plaster, and it was so easy to trowel on over a white background. It has texture and looks really professional. It was one of my projects I accomplished during one of the captain’s interminably long assignments. I moved all the furniture by my own five-foot-tall self, but it was well worth the bumps and bruises. Sometimes I feel like Lucille Ball with a few of my ideas!

Easy Refrigerator Pickles
5 medium cucumbers
1 Tablespoon pickling salt, sea salt, or kosher salt (but not iodized table salt)
1 cup cider vinegar
1 cup water
1 head dill or small bunch dill leaves
1 clove garlic (optional)
3 black peppercorns (optional)

Prepare a quart jar with a lid by running it through the dishwasher or washing it in very hot soapy water and letting it air-dry. Any jar with a lid will do; the wider the opening, the easier. For the crunchiest pickles, select firm, dark-green pickling cucumbers that have not started to ripen to white or yellow. Cut them into spears or slices, as desired (left whole, they will take a long time to pickle in the fridge). Place the dill in the bottom of your jar, peel and crush the garlic clove (if using), and drop that in along with the peppercorns (if using), then put in the cut cucumber. Mix the salt, vinegar, and water in a separate container, stirring until the salt is dissolved, then pour it over the cucumbers, filling the jar right to the top. If you’re in a hurry to enjoy your dillies, heat the vinegar, water, and salt to a boil before pouring it over the cucumbers. Pop on the lid and put the jar in the fridge.


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