My favorite seashell


Nantucket (Photo credit: eoringel)

We got this on a trip to Nantucket a couple years ago. After one of the captain’s long assignments, we flew east to visit my son and daughter-in-law. Since neither of us had been to Cape Cod or Nantucket, we all camped for a couple days near Chatham, and then the cap and I planned a ferry to Nantucket, but the weather was terrible and the water was too rough, so the ferry people cancelled all the runs. We had reservations at a B&B and didn’t want to stay in Hyannis and waste the reservation, so we ran to the airport and took an “airplane” (so small, like for eight people) which was kind of dumb ‘cos if the weather was bad enough to make rough seas, the air wasn’t too stable either. I don’t like to fly anyway on the best of days, and this was so scary-windy, rainy, foggy- that I was petrified. I did not enjoy the fifteen-minute or so flight at all, but the pilot was really good and we landed safely. My husband had an injured hand from the vise-like hold I had on it all the way there, but he recovered quickly and we had a neat time there.

I treasure it not only ‘cos it’s a beautiful shade of rose, but because it came from a little shop on the island. The artist creates magnificent (and very expensive) pieces out of seashells. I can’t remember his name, but as we were admiring his creations, he offered me one of the shells, and I was as excited as if it were a four-carat pear-shaped diamond– well not that ecstatic, but you get the picture. I packed it very carefully for the trip home and have cherished it ever since. I don’t know what kind it is, but I don’t have another one like it. I took the pix using the “sugar”technique I learned from reading Seashells by Millhil   I’ve heard of brown sugar being used in photo shoots and around wedding cakes to represent sand, but I love the white sugar idea. It really sets off the details of this jewel from the sea.

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