The sad, sleazy, gritty underbelly of retail therapy…

That would be… buyer’s remorse.  The day after. The regret. Oh, the indecision. The desire to return the item(s) to the store. Coming down off the euphoric high of the purchase. Yup, that’d be me. I am a regreta-shopaholic– a returna-shopaholic you might say. Should I take it back or should I keep it? What should I do? This drives my husband cray-zy. He cannot understand how I spend so much time forensically examining each and every item on the rack, weighing its feasibility; whether it complements other items in my wardrobe, whether it has long term value or is simply trendy and short lived. Do I have shoes to match, does it make my butt look big, you know, those kinds of things. And he just can’t understand how I go through that litany each and every time to rationalize each and every purchase–the silent discussion (in my own head) of its pros and cons–yet still return so many things! The fact is that I am not really an impulse buyer; I am usually very focused and determined–but it’s those rare impulsive buys that I succumb to I most often regret. Like the $99 work out jacket from Lulu. I only went there to get the pants; the high of the moment is to blame for the additional purchase.”Oh, one must have the matching jacket, mustn’t one?” Back at home within the confines of these four walls sans the thumping beat of the too-loud music cunningly calculated to drown out any rational thought, I digest my purchase and reconsider. So…back it goes.  The more important purchase is the new computer I’m getting-finally upgrading to a Mac, and I don’t have an unlimited budget for everything on my “want” list. I’m not hearing that voice anymore, I don’t hear my mom whispering in my ear, encouraging me, saying, “It’s only money”. If only it were still her money buying things–alas, it’s not, and the grown-up me has emerged, if only for a brief moment. So, back it goes.

Got the call to make flight arrangements; a bit of advance warning this time–next Tuesday is homecoming for my MM. Yeah!

Now it's your turn to share your pearls with me. Cheers!

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