Tying up the boat, tying up loose ends on Friday

Cleaning house today:

1. The ants seem to be gone, at least for now. Thanks to everyone who kindly offered elimination suggestions.

2. My squirrel friends: real, ghost, spirit–have all disappeared. No more visits of any kind from any animals but for the scrub jays, who are always welcome!

3. I am very grateful for your likes and follows on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I am still not sure why I can’t like anyone back on FB; it’s going to take a better mind than mine to figure it out! I’ve stopped stressing on it; I know the glitch’ll get straightened out at some point. I think the open letter to Mark Zuckerberg was cathartic.

4. I recently learned how to read/respond to comments on my blog and other blogs I comment on. Please don’t think I’m rude for not responding; I just figured it out!

5. We’re finally getting an iPhone, well, as soon as the captain gets back, ‘cos it’s finally time. We can’t deny that this is the way the world is now. You’re in or you’re out.

6. The captain says they’re “making good time”.  That’s something most people don’t hear every day, I bet. It’s something that is very “merchant marine-y” and could have just as easily been heard in 1850 or 1950. The only difference is that up until a few years ago, the only communication to home and hearth would have been through infrequent letters sent from faraway ports. We are very lucky to have email and cell (sometimes) and sat phones for an emergency (or my birthday!).

7. I’ll end the day with a new addition to our seashell family of home decor. I saw a set of these online somewhere and thought I could do it myself, so I bought a few sets of inexpensive drapery holdbacks and just glued scallop shells over the ends.

The captain installed them for me before he left. I have a feeling he might be overwhelmed by the amount of seashell decor around here, but he’s pretty tolerant of my collections, especially since he brings rocks and shells and driftwood from his travels around the world and then builds shelves to accommodate them.

Now it's your turn to share your pearls with me. Cheers!

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