Sunday confessions

Keepin’ it real… confession of a tugboat captain’s wife here…actual email sent to the captain just now:

i got a pastry at Sprouts and just gobbled up the whole thing you know the way i do when i am starving and i can eat faster than anyone you’ve ever seen? now i have a bit of a tummy ache, ate too fast, didn’t chew, you know the drill. BTW, I have never seen anyone chew his/her food more thoroughly than you do, that’s why I watch you while you’re eating because I try to emulate you, but it’s tough to do, since I hate food when it’s all mushy and almost pre-digested. yuck. well, this might become a blog post, why not?

As you can see, I email stream of consciousness thoughts, no real filter when it’s his private email. Of course, when he’s on the company email, I am limited regarding volume/subject matter. Plus, he can never receive pictures or links when he’s out to sea because it clogs up the internet or something like that. Anyway, thought a slice of life would be fun to share.


2 thoughts on “Sunday confessions

  1. You’re right, where are my powers of description? But TTTT (to tell the truth), I don’t even know. I am not kidding, I ate it so fast, I couldn’t even tell you if it had any flavor at all! Yeah, I don’t get those very often. Maybe I’ll try again today and savor every morsel??? Thanks for the comment!


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