Another Friday, another bottle of champs

It’s been a hectic week for me; picked up the captain, Dream of Jeannie’d for him, “Whatever you want, Master. Yes, Master”, and then the Angel Boy is in town for just a few days. Mainly he’s here ‘cos the best man at his wedding is getting married and the guys organized a couple of “events”. Which I don’t want to know about if they include any objectification of women or inappropriate uses of whipped cream. I kind of doubt it; they’re the hiking and camping and surfing types, all Ph.D.s, some tenured professors even, and it would not be good to jeopardize the lofty heights of that kind of academia by acting stupid. But, boys will be boys. On some level I am fully aware that I should probably not still think of him as the same little boy I nursed for hours at a stretch. (But they always are.) If seeing his face towering a foot above mine doesn’t completely shatter that vision,  nothing will. Today he’s working on a project and staying at the friend’s house who’s organizing the bach. The captain and I drove to La Jolla to have lunch with him, which  translates to mean that I made a huge feast and we had a picnic at a park in Bird Rock overlooking the ocean.

I made my signature tuna sandwiches. That’s tuna mixed with celery, chopped apples, and raw almonds. I add sliced cheese, mandolin-sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, and leafy lettuce on whole grain bread. The kid inhaled one immediately and hoarded the other two I made for a snack as I could win a wager that he’d be hungry in another hour or so. We first started with spicy hummus and crackers, grapes, cut-up oranges, raw nuts and raisins, and ended with oatmeal cookies and another cake I made, a yellow sponge cake with a chocolate glaze.  You do NOT want to see what the kitchen looked like after all that! No wonder I’m exhausted. I have a couple of days to rest up and prep for the rest of his visit; he’ll be here Sunday morning through Monday night and then it’s back to the east coast.

Check out the food stash and my new T-shirt

I learned something  about my dad from my brother. When my dad was growing up in Detroit in the 1930s,  he wanted to be a doctor. When it was time for him to apply to the medical school at Wayne State University (or whatever it was called then), he was turned away because the quota for Jewish students had been filled. Apparently, it was not uncommon for American medical schools to have quotas limiting admission of Jewish students. Can you believe that? A quota? Wow. Because of that, he went to law school and became an attorney. I never knew that he wished he could have been a doctor. It’s weird to learn something new about your parents when you’re an adult, especially if it’s something you can’t talk to them about because they’ve died. I Googled “quotas for Jewish students” and found a lot of info, including an article in the New York Times. Even Harvard supported this type of racial bias. I can’t imagine this could happen now. It’s like the opposite of affirmative action, designed to oppress rather than help. I would have been one pissed off Mama bear if anyone had told my baby that he could not pursue his dream. You do not even want to go there. Not. at. all. I would not be so accepting of this “policy” as my grandparents obviously were. They arrived in American in the late 1890s from Russia and France; maybe they were afraid they’d be deported if they voiced any objections to overt anti-Semititsm.  A couple of generations later helped to evolve a little JAP with a big mouth!

PRODUCT REVIEW: The best ever lotion and scrub I’ve found is Olay Purely Pristine Hand & Body Lotion and Olay Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub. I’ve used really expensive creams and body scrubs, but this is incredible. I never expected to like it as much as I do. The advertising says: “Discover the clarifying crispness and pristine beauty of the Nordic region while you invigorate your senses and nourish your skin with this rich moisturizing lotion infused with minerals and seaweed extract.” It has great reviews from all the websites I’ve researched, including Amazon. It really does keep your skin soft and I use it all over. Last Christmas, the captain was stuck in some port waiting for a flight home and was able to take a taxi to Target to engage in warp speed shopping. He found a gift set of the Olay line and threw it in his shopping cart, and it was a great way to try a new product. I liked it so much, I’ve been using it ever since.


4 thoughts on “Another Friday, another bottle of champs

  1. What a great picture of you and your son. My eldest towers over me now, but his two little brothers have some growing to do before they catch up to their mom (mind you, the youngest is only eight!) It must be great to spend time with your son when he’s back in town. I can’t quite imagine the day when mine will be gone…


  2. Thank you for the nice comment about me and my baby! They do love to get bigger than us, a real rite of passage I think. Lucky you, to have them close enough to hug every day, precious times. Empty nest says it all 😦


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