A drizzly Saturday in Southern California

Captain and I just finished a cosmopolitan (not that kind) Euro-style lunch of homemade pickled hardboiled eggs, freshly baked brownies, and espresso with a twist of lemon and steam-frothed nonfat milk. Now he’s napping on the sofa with college football — Stanford vs Cal — on TV. My son sent resumes in to both of those universities, so we’re rooting for them equally right now. Whoever wins will be the one who hires him! Ha ha. We took a short break from the bathroom remodeling; it’s almost finished except for last minute touchups. Oh, and the seashells that will adorn as much wall, shelf, and counter space as possible. The theme is Coastal Caribbean (I just made that up) with the same fern green and aqua walls as our bedroom, bamboo-y flooring, and those ever-present seashells. There won’t be any pictures taken until it’s complete with new bath accessories; rug, towels, drawer pulls, etc. I ordered ceramic shell knobs from Amazon.

Seashell Shaped Ceramic Cabinet Drawer Pull Knob

I’ve been dreaming of new locations to hang, glue, display shells, rocks, and huge chunks of brain coral plucked from somewhere in the South Pacific.  Here’s a cool photo of what they all look like from She Walks Softly.

10 thoughts on “A drizzly Saturday in Southern California

    • I’m saving your meatball recipe for tomorrow, when I’ll have all the proper ingredients, but the pix on your site made me crazed for chocolate and brownies are sooo easy! Our little Braun espresso maker had been plugging along faithfully for about 10 years!


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