Almost ready for the big reveal

(Sorry for the previous post. The inserted pictures actually caused text to be deleted, so I had to redo it.)

The bathroom refinish is almost complete. I’m still looking for the perfect spa bench (actually I’m nagging the captain to make me one to my exact specifications) and I need a standing floor towel rack, but it’s close, real close. I went to Pier One and found the most gorgeous seashell and starfish trays…

Our Chanel fragrances

My makeup brushes, Kiehls, and more Chanel.

This starfish is really a votive holder, but if you’ve read a previous post, you’d know that I almost burned down our house with a couple of unattended candles in this bathroom, so I filled it with shells instead!














Now we’re off to a quick dinner at Rubio’s Fish Tacos. DIL’s going to be here tomorrow. This time she’s driving from Northern Cal ‘cos she has a meeting in LA and we’re only about 2 hours from LA with not much traffic, so it won’t be the mom shuttle back and forth to the airport, but I need to get her room ready and stock up on her fave foods. (I mean the foods that are on the approved list.)

She and my son are crazy frenetic travellers. Maybe that’s the new global generation; the world is as close as a flight away. Oh, and she’s coming with her sister, so we’ll have a full house again! Now if only my son were here, all would be perfect but I have to wait for Thanksgiving to see him.



7 thoughts on “Almost ready for the big reveal

      • Didn’t realize that it was that small. I live in a apt and mine is small and has a stand alone sink so always looking for shelf space. When we eventually find a house want a big bathroom. Will decorate it nautical of course 🙂


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