11 pictures of my enchanted bath. The finished project is ready for your pleasure (well, just mine really, but you can look)

As I’m watching an old South Park on TV and drinking some jalapeño infused vodka I was supposed to save for the captain’s return (oh yeah, like THAT was gonna happen), I can breathe a sigh of relief at my completed mini-bath refurbish. It’s taken a great deal of my valuable time, time better spent searching for more proofreading/copy editing jobs, but when the seashell calls, one must respond. Right? Right. Glad we’re on the same page, so I can use y’all as backup when the captain wants to know what I do with my day (like he doesn’t know.) I made a video but I’m afraid to post it, so we’ll go with the still photos. My skills as a videographer are primitive. Trust me.

Come on in! Have a seat on the Enchanted Mermaid Princess vanity seat

Look up! Pretty mermaid nestled among shells (well, what did you expect?)

More, uh, seashells and starfish…



Are you bored yet? Lots more to see.

More of the same.

Of course there’s a seashell rug. What did you think I’d have? A lighthouse?

A different perspective.

The seashell drawer pulls are so perfect!

I just know you needed a close up!

Glue guns rule!

My thoughts exactly!