Seashell insanity–Episode #452

Well…my tugboat man spent pretty much the entire day surfing. He came home at 2:00 p.m and said he had been trying to catch a wave in to shore for over an hour or he would have been back sooner. RIGHT.

Does he think I just fell off the turnip truck? Do I look stupid? I know that trick–the old “I couldn’t get in so I just had to stay surfing until the sun went down and the tide changed” lie.

I was so mad at him for abandoning me that I had to devise a painful retaliation to convey my displeasure. I decided that we were going to go walking in our little village of Carlsbad and go in and out of EVERY shop. That is absolute torture for my hubs, which meant it was perfect. And since I’ve gotten my Chanel, she hasn’t really had a good outing and begged to come along and see and be seen by all the tourists and locals in our little town.

We went to every single store including one where I bought some beautiful seashells, ‘cos, you know, I just don’t have enough seashells. I made him go into antique stores, sandal shops, shoe stores, clothing stores–up and down State Street and Grand Avenue without a moment to rest. When I felt he had been punished sufficiently, we went home and he installed a shelf that he made for my new shells and my seashell box we created together.

There’s more surf tomorrow, so I’ll be thinking of more ways to make his life miserable.




28 thoughts on “Seashell insanity–Episode #452

  1. Oh, Shells! I love these! You will be please to know that when we made a quick stop to check out the books at our local GoodWill, there was a fishbowl of assorted shells there and I grabbed them. Most are pretyy basic,but there are a couple of unusual ones, at least,to me.Anyway…finding a trove of shells,(non-fossil; we have an incredible amount of fossils here), in the middle of KY is something to celebrate!
    Hey, cut the man some slack! He’s been freezing his buns off!


    • Hey whose side are you on, anyway? He said the whole week is forecasted for great surf which means he leaves early in the morning. At least he’s here, which is good, right? I’m not really that mad, but I will be soon. Great find at Goodwill! I didn’t know Kentucky had fossils, interesting!


  2. Haha, it’s so true! He could have come in whenever he wanted. Going in and out of every little store in Carlsbad sounds like it would make for a lovely day. I’ve never been up to any of those stores, I’m curious now.


  3. I must play Devil’s advocate and add that it is hard for us to just paddle in rather than catch one in. I stayed out for an extra hour yesterday too, just waiting for a wave, even though I was freezing. Great post.


    • Well, if YOU say so. However, he’s lived and surfed big waves in Hawaii, and I know he could have if he wanted to. I just wanted him to be honest!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 9:27 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


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