Desert Solitude

In case you were wondering–if you were spending any time at all thinking about ME while you’re going about your daily tasks, I can verify this to be true….Chanel and Valentino CAN coexist with hiking boots and backpacks, y’all.

We’re going to the Anza Borrego desert for a couple of days to camp and hike before the next big swell hits on Sunday.

Yes, I do pop a squat behind a bush off the trail.

I do sleep in a sleeping bag and not always on 800 thread count sheets!

There’s no internet, obvs, but I’ll take lots of pix and post upon our return when I’m a surf widow.

Have a lovely weekend!

Princess Rosebud of Enchanted Seashells

32 thoughts on “Desert Solitude

  1. Princess Rosebud, I am with you. While I have a lovely selection of heels and dresses, I can totally rock Gore Tex and hiking boots too! Looking forward to the pictures!


  2. Have a wonderful time. Sounds like so much fun. Some of us never done camping, so you will have to give some pointers on how to do that stylishly as only an enchanted seashell princess can. 🙂 Thanks and enjoy~


  3. Wait, you bring Chanel to Anza Borrego?? The last time I was there, I no matter how many sponge baths I took with wet-wipes, I still felt covered in a fine layer of dust at all times! I’m impressed.
    In any case, hope you had fun!


    • We had a wonderful time, even tho it dipped around 40 at night! Stars, coyotes, awesome. I only brought cha cha perfume and my wallet, which was zipped in a protective pouch in my backpack! You’re right tho, very dusty! But the secret is…well, read my post on the subject and see the pics! Thanks for stopping by!!!!:)


    • We did! It will chronicaled in the Princess’ Guide to Camping as soon as I’m done with 40 loads of dirty clothes and dishes! Where do you like to go in the desert?

      On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  4. I hope you had a wonderful time. Yes, one can look good while hiking 🙂
    We all can’t wait to see the pictures !!!!! I bet everything is gorgeous, including you 🙂


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