Don’t hate me, but I love to clean house

vintage_cleaning_ad-300x201March means spring cleaning, right?

  • Vacuuming
  • Polishing furniture
  • Laundering curtains, drapes, bedspreads
  • Ironing
  • Bleaching grout
  • Shampoo carpets

Nothing compares to a job well done–the satisfaction of sparkly tile and a well ordered linen closet…the sweet perfume of bleach, Pine-Sol, and vinegar.

And it’s great exercise, too.

I don’t understand why housecleaning is the victim of such visceral loathing. I’ve always found it to be a source of –well, not quite mindless activity– but rather a Zen-like state.

I’ve come up with some of my best ideas while vacuuming.

UNKNOWN_CleaningDishesMotherAndDaughter_WIt’s ‘cos of my mom. When I was growing up, she made chores fun— not drudgery to be avoided. Whether it was washing the crystal in the china cabinet or ironing scarves and handkerchiefs, we always had a great time. A time to joke and chat, working on a project together.

“Good morning, Rosebud, guess what we’re going to do today?”

“What, mommy. what?”

“We’re going to take ALL the books out of the bookcase, wash the shelves, and dust the books! Do you think we should put them back by size, or subject, or alphabetically? Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Oh, mommy, that sounds like so much fun!

If a job has to be done, why not enjoy doing it?

I think that’s a wonderful gift for a mother to bestow upon her child.

men-housework1- travelerstipsnpicsI’m all for equality; equal pay and all that, but cleaning and organizing is deeply satisfying.

Even my tugboat man enjoys the virtues of a clean garage and he’s a great window washer, so it’s not a gender thing.




When I’m cleaning, I love  Cow Cow Boogie by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald.

Do you have a favorite song list for cleaning?


This would be “during”, more than “before”messybedroomAfter…much nicer, don’t you agree? I’ll sleep good tonight.After...

67 thoughts on “Don’t hate me, but I love to clean house

  1. Not sure about the whole situation in the US. In my place here,women dislike housework. Whether they work or stay at home, they employ domestic maids and all of them are from foreign countries. To me,this is an unhealthy dependence on foreign maids.


  2. I have a housekeeper because I haven’t the time to do it. With three businesses and homeschooling, my days do not allow for a few hours to scrub anything other than the living things in the house. 😉 xxx


  3. I like having a clean apartment and most of the time keep up with it. Lately has been a challenge though with our business. Been sewing more than cleaning. You can visit


  4. I enjoy cleaning house once I get started. It’s the getting started that I procrastinate on. And, oh yes, I’ve got to have music; preferably some good 70’s tunes. 🙂


  5. I absolutely LOVE cleaning my house. I’m pretty sure it’s genetic too. I clean here and there during the week, but Saturday mornings are expressly reserved (if possible) for a good multi-hour clean. First I run, then I come home and get down to business.

    I also love to listen to old-school music – Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, Rod Stewart, etc. and such siiiiinnngg.

    Great post! x


  6. I adore cleaning, I just feel like I never have the time to do it the way I want. I tend to be a “deep cleaner”, washing/dusting/cleaning every inch that hits the air. But because of this, I very rarely can clean to satisfaction… I wish they could invent an 8th day of the week solely for cleaning!


    • Oh, I so agree! Even tho I’ve been known to use toothpicks, toothbrush, qtips, there’s always another degree of clean that I aspire to that I never attain! (but that’s another blogpost about my OCD, ha ha!) Sometimes I just have to say to myself, this is very very clean and move on… thank you for stopping by!

      On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:02 AM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  7. I don’t love cleaning but I do love a clean house and I realise I can’t have the latter without doing the former, dammit all. Once the work is done, it’s unbelievably satisfying to look around at shining surfaces, until the first spill occurs and we start over again. As for cooking, I love it. Like you, I think baking bread is an incredible experience and easier than most people think, too.


  8. I love to spring clean but I get distracted like when I find a package of photos that I meant to put in a photo album under my dresser, I stop and look through the photos…then I fill the photo book…then I look through all of the other albums that are on the shelf because I haven’t done it in forever and then I realize that it’s time for a snack and a glass of wine and whoops…now it’s time for the Real Housewives of whatever. Guess I will have to start spring cleaning tomorrow!


    • You sound exactly like my son. Cleaning with him is partly helping him to stay focused on one thing. But then he tells a story, “Hey mom, remember when we used to…” and then I go all gooey and remember when he was a baby and then I get sucked into his ploy cos he knows how to work me! Stay on track, girl!! Eyes on the prize! And there’s always tomorrow, no worries!

      On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 1:56 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  9. If it’s just a normal cleaning day – any of my normal playlists will do (all of which include Springsteen, Blink 182, The Killers, Green Day, Foo Fighters, and U2). If it’s a full on taking all of the DVDs, albums, and books off their shelves and reorganizing them by genre and release date then it’s time for something with a bit more beat to it – that’s when I’ll throw on one of my old mix tapes and let the dance rhythm carry me through the chore.


    • You are on a humorous roll today, my friend! I do love to clean, I admit it! Not all the time of course but when I get the itch, it’s sooo satisfying! Again, I’ll only clean if I’ve given birth to you or I’m married to you, so don’t ask 🙂 Thank you, I love my bedroom colors, too! Very happy.

      On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 4:28 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  10. The reason I hate cleaning? You turn around & it’s dirty all over again! It’s an endless job! No sooner do you finish the dishes than someone eats something & there’s a dirty dish in the sink! Plus my mother kept her house in immaculate condition which meant we could never have any fun because we might mess it up.


    • I think it’s more about your mom than actual cleaning in my opinion. Kids have to play and get dirty and be messy. but if you make cleaning fun and a team project with a reward at the end, then it turns into less about drudgery and more about working together. I like the house to be very clean, esp floors, that’s my thing, but lived in is just fine. If I was back there, I’d clean with you and we’d have a blast!

      On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 8:46 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  11. Many decades ago when I was trying to conform to what religions and society thought I should be, I dated a woman for two years. I decided to ask her to marry me, so I took her to the most romantic place I knew of, a restaurant in Houston surrounded by a lake, swans, peacocks……….. I asked her to marry me and she said, “Let me think about it.” Depression. Whenever I get depressed, I tend to clean. So the next day, a Sunday, I was cleaning the house. I had the house torn about cleaning every nook and cranny. About noon Michelle showed up. She walked in and said, “What the he!! are you doing?” “I’m cleaning,” I said. “See!” she exclaimed. “That’s why I could never marry you. I’d never get to do anything!” We broke up.


  12. I enjoy cleaning once I get into it and have the time to do it right. But I pretty much procrastinate it for as long as possible. Sigh. And, um, pretty sure that taking all the books out and dusting would never feel like “so much fun” to me, but maybe I should try it more often!


  13. I enjoy the rewards of cleaning more so than the action of cleaning. There’s nothing greater than a shiny bathroom that smells so good. But cleaning the black gunk off the shower floor and the who-knows-what out of the toilet. Not so much. But you’re right – it’s a great calorie burner, especially vacuuming. I can work up a real sweat!
    Coming in from Hump Day Hook Up. cheers!


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