A Mirrored Pearl Project

101222_Roses_and_PearlsRoses And Pearls

YOUR spoken words are roses fine and sweet,
The songs you sing are perfect pearls of sound.
How lavish nature is about your feet,
To scatter flowers and jewels both around.
Blushing the stream of petal beauty flows,
Softly the white strings trickle down and shine.
Oh! speak to me, my love, I crave a rose.
Sing me a song, for I would pearls were mine.Β (Paul Laurence Dunbar)

It’s Project Time

I found a square mirror with beveled edges at the dollar store for….a dollar!
I thought of embellishing with seashells but that didn’t seem quite right.
Then I thought of small polished stones, but that didn’t feel right, either.
I looked around and barely heard the whisper of the mermaid.
Ahh, pearls you say?
Pearls it shall be.

It’s a sensual activity. The pearls are cool to the touch and slide lovingly into place.pearl1
The finished product.
With some friends.

32 thoughts on “A Mirrored Pearl Project

  1. I’m on my mobile, therefore comment challenged. I LOVE crafts. And seashells. And pearls. Thanks for loving ne in your sidebar. Xoxoxo


  2. Are you making this in the library? That’s where I am, and I am literally smelling glue right now. At last, a post has come to life. Like that Woody Allen movie where the actors came off the movie screen, or was it that Mia Farrow went into the screen?


    • Oh you! I can tell you I was smelling the glue last night ha ha! I forgot to keep a window open, and that stuff is POTENT! You are very sweet OR *”At last, a post has come to life”* are you saying until now, my writing has been horrible, flatlining, and boring??? I have low writing self confidence even tho I minored in creative writing. 😦

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 3:15 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


      • Oh no, not at all. I love your writing, and it all comes to life. I meant with a craft project — like I really am right there, that’s what it felt like with the glue. (But you must be done now, because I do not smell any more glue at the library, haha. So I await immersing myself in your next project).


      • This time I’ll be hauling out my trusty glue gun, no real smell except for my burning flesh! I have a tax person coming over in a few minutes and I’ll need to de-stress after with a few seashells. (healthier than 2 bottles of wine!) ha ha Oh, I wasn’t fishing for a compliment, honest, I just never did anything with my writing that wasn’t editing or re-writing someone else’s words or writing marketing and advertising materials. I’m a little rusty…hope it’s all still in there somewhere!

        On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 3:45 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  3. This is so elegant! I love it. Can you imagine the reflection of jewelry sitting on top of the mirror with the pearls!! Gorgeous πŸ™‚


  4. You know there had to be shells in there somewhere.You have been busy while I was sick…I got hit again and there are some things on my horizon, so don’t think I am purposely neglecting you.I am sitting here going through email after email looking for what’s interesting…I thought you had lost it when I first started reading…it didn’t sound like you AT ALL!


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