The path (or post) not taken

Dear Darling WordPress,
You lost another post, probably an award-winning post, full of levity and wit and irony, and all the best things in the world rolled into one post. Ahh, such is life….

So, there I was,  in a quandary about what path to take and just like that — click –the old lightbulb snapped on!

Clap on, clap off…cat clap on

I had to THINK which involves a level of introspection that I rarely attain. Here’s my brain on any given day: “…work out, clean, garden, cook, bake, shop, read, shop…”

Rinse and repeat. Deep thoughts? Not so much.


As I was looking out our patio doors, I noticed all the different paths in our yard.

Curvy paths of rocksRocks of dry river bed

straight paths of pavers to the pond

pathtopond1 or a meandering path to the greenhouse and beyond


and the steps that lead you to another level.

steps up yard

I thought about how that’s another one of life’s important lessons.

If one path doesn’t work, you can choose another. And if none of those work, you can change course by moving the rocks or the pavers just a little bit to reflect a different direction or to avoid an obstacle in your way.

It doesn’t really matter where you go, the success is in the path you take to reach your goal or your destination.

Today I wrote about something other than my original idea because WordPress threw up a barricade that blocked my way.

I toyed with the idea of giving up altogether or trying to recreate my initial thoughts, when, for the first time, I became aware of the paths in my yard.

It opened my eyes to a deeper reflection, not unlike the reflection you’d find if you followed the path to the pond and gazed in the water.

So that’s it for my philosophical sputterings, I have no idea what came over me!

Now I have to pack fourteen outfits to accompany hubs to San Francisco for a two-day business meeting. Road trip! And yet another road taken.

43 thoughts on “The path (or post) not taken

  1. I sure like your yard! We have a few paths, but my husband wanted our yard to be grass paths with stuff between them. So we have nice grassy paths, and some rocky ones, cement ones, and paver ones. Not to mention a bit a dirt here and there you can walk on. 🙂


  2. Wow! That’s quite a yard and I’m jealous! Lately I’ve been running up against my own barriers in my blog and decided to “leave it blank” (don’t post) until I become enthusiastic again to say something. Really enjoyed your introspection here!


  3. Beautiful! And hurrah for WordPress and its foolish ways, for spurring you into the realm of Deep Thought. (Actually, I’m pissed with WordPress at the moment, because it launched yet another post prematurely the other day, and I had to rush around like an idiot to keep it from being read before its time. I do feel your pain. But I like this post.)


    • How sweet you are! I was so mad at WP and it happened just like I said, I looked out the window and saw the different paths and a very dim light went on! ha ha, I stopped being thoughtful when I graduated from college. I’m sorry they prematurely ejaculated one of your blogs, that’s not very nice of them!

      On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


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