The Last Supper: An Indian Feast

When my tugboat man abandons me goes off to work oceans away, I like to make a special goodbye dinner. Last night it was Indian food. I tried to recreate the delicious dinner we had at Mt. Everest restaurant in Berkeley and I don’t know if it was exactly the same, but it was a pretty good effort, and much appreciated by my hubs.

Some of the ingredients…whew! 

Ingredients for Indian Food

This is Raita, an amazing dipping sauce for Naan. It’s so simple.
Plain yogurt mixed with shredded and chopped cucumber, cayenne, cumin, pepper, and fresh cilantro. It would be good on anything, every single day.
I think it was the best part of the meal– and so beautiful!
RaitaLentil Daal (recipe below) So fragrant and healthy.
Lentil DaalNaan Bread

Naan BreadNaan Bread Rising

Naan Bread Rising

And while I’m not confirming NOR denying where he’s going, this might be a clue– or maybe not.


Naan Bread:

Lentil Daal:



45 thoughts on “The Last Supper: An Indian Feast

  1. wow must be the time for drastically shortened vacations. The Chief’s office is trying to send him for a training … not happy as I’m traveling with my mother and need childcare. We’ll see if they accept the polite decline. I hope The Captain isn’t really going. I’m sorry if he is.


  2. I’m impressed! It’s pretty “white bread” where I live but we make a mecca to The BIg City and make the rounds of specialty and International shops…the Indian store is a ‘must’; I buy legumes, grains and spices in bulk there.My husband goes into a “Marco Polo” mode and says, wistfully: “We travel far for spices”.. (It’s pretty funny!)
    I know you’ll fill your life and our days while he’s gone,Sunshine!


  3. I am an Indian food addict! I make a dish that my family calls “Chicken Jackie Masala” — my version of Chicken Tikka Masala. It’s delish! I’ve never tried to make Naan. May have to give it a shot! It looks like your meal was a success!


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