Guest Post: (Aunt) Princess Rosebud writes a letter to the Jester

thematticuskingdom is a great guy; serendipity brought us together. He attended and graduated the same year from the same university as my son, which means we were all at the commencement together! Give him some Enchanted love; he’s a new dad.

The Matticus Kingdom

Princess Rosebud, from the  Enchanted Seashells section of the blogosphere, has sent recent first time dad, the Jester, a letter “in honor of the newly born Prince:

Dear JesterDad,

You’re probably still in the throes of the wonder of it all, right?

For sure you’re exhausted beyond what you ever anticipated, but I bet the very first smile is still fresh in your mind.

Here are a few tried and true tips — in other words, annoying and unsolicited advice — from the mother of Angel Boy, Aunt Princess Rosebud:
■  I never wanted our Angel Boy to sleep in a cold bed, so I’d warm up the sheets with a blow dryer (of course with him not in it at the time.) You could do the same thing with a hot water bottle, but I found the blow dryer did it very quickly.
■  In these early days, heat the…

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