I said TWINE not WINE

I came late in life to the Facebook party – I’m a FB menopause baby — and it really proved itself as a forum for support and compassion when I was faced with a dilemma. They talked me down off that ledge of compulsive behavior.

A Princess Rosebud Confession
I’m slightly OCD  —  I emphasize slightly because it’s not something that cripples my daily life, and I mostly kind of love and embrace all my little idiosyncrasies.  I think it’s kinda cute to be SUH-LIGHTLEE crazy. It’s what makes me ME. It might be a bit tough to be married to ME, but my tugboat man is pretty cool with it.

We OCD-ers are the ones who love a clean house, am I right? We can’t ALL be slobs, if ya know what I mean…

Hold on a sec, I’ll be right back, I see a picture on the wall that’s off just a skosh, I gotta go straighten it out. ………………………………………OK I’m back. Whew. All better.

See, it comes in handy to be slightly OCD, who needs a level when I’m around? Right? I can eyeball a shelf, a pic, anything slightly askew – I have a built-in level in my brain.

Don’t get grossed out —  but a few days ago I was sitting on the….ahem…toilet. Right across from me there’s a floor shelf unit with towels, my hair dryer, iron, straightener — and a ton of seashells. I had lovingly arranged each one in a specific location. I noticed a shell/rock combo shifted and was facing in a less than feng shui direction.

It bothered me enough that I stopped what I was doing — ahem — got up, shuffled over, YES, pants around my ankles, moved them a smidgen, and sat back down. I had a bit of a convo with myself about it — should I get up, should I wait ’til I’m done, does it really bother me, and I remembered what my very patient and tolerant hubs always says to me in similar situations, “Is it something you can live with?” and I told myself, “No, I need to fix it, because that’s what will make me happy” so I did and then I chortled to myself thinking about what my tugboat man would say when I shared the story.

So…a couple days ago my OCD manifested itself again when I shopped for twine. That’s right,  I said twine, not wine.

TwineI needed twine for the snowpeas in my garden.
Plain old useful-for-a-zillion things twine.

I went to True Value Hardware and bought a ball of twine for $2.99, did a few more errands, bought a scarf at Marshalls, and stopped at the dollar store. They had twine for ONE DOLLAR. Uh oh. I drove home with all kinds of thoughts fomenting and swirling around in my crazy head. Should I take back the twine I bought from True Value? Those stores are on opposite sides of my city, not a great distance, but more than a hop, skip, and a jump. I got the brill idea to put the power of social media to work and pose the question to my FB family:facebookpage

I got tons of much needed help, but the consensus wasn’t clear. 50% voted for a return, 50% said don’t sweat it, remember the dollar store for the next time — and I’m sure quite a few were shaking their heads, thinking they were really glad they weren’t married to me and wouldn’t have to deal with this on a regular basis, am I right, y’all?. Ha Ha!  The family joke is that I’ll waste five dollars in gas to return a fifty cent item, and that is absolutely true. On the other hand — designer handbags… need I say more?

After my BootCamp class yesterday, I returned to the dollar store and did a twine by twine comparison. Yes, the dollar store offering was only $1 but it contained HALF as much twine as the $2.99 option from True Value  — 120 feet versus 230 feet

So… I did my due diligence and felt comfortable with the original purchase and hadn’t wasted any money. I’m grateful to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and opinions. Social media rocks!

It was a definite burr under my saddle for a while. Prolly should have just bought a bottle of WINE and saved myself and everyone else a whole lotta stress!

sweetpeasAnd finally, here’s the twine helping my darling little pea plants grow straight and tall!

Are you in the OCD club with me?

Are you special, too?


24 thoughts on “I said TWINE not WINE

  1. I have a bit of OCD but not overly bad. Yes, think being a bit crazy is good. Not surprised on the twine and have seen that happen with the quantity not being as much or breaking easy.


  2. I have ZERO OCD. About anything. My husband needs a pill. Seriously. He’s the guy that gets halfway to Boston (we’re just outside of NYC) and wants to turn the car around to make sure he turned off the stove. (Which would make one assume that he EVER turns ON the stove — he doesn’t!) My best friend is physically unable and emotionally crippled by ANYONE bagging her groceries (including me — probably because she knows I would fuck with her — butter with the toothpaste, that sort of thing!), so much so that she can be downright rude about it. (I just stand by laughing my head off, rolling my eyes, and assuring the cashier that it’s not personal and that she is really not as crazy as she might seem!)

    You probably would have had a heart attack if you were with me at the craft store today. I was supposed to get 25% off of my entire purchase. I didn’t. The laconic cashier (whose line I ALWAYS seem to get on – UGH!) advised me that she would have to get a manager, return my items, refund my credit card, blah, blah, blah. I was in no mood for that, so I just sucked up the few bucks and walked out the door.

    I do, however, have time issues. I am ANAL about being on time. I think timeliness is underrated.


  3. Yeah, OCD is probably not in my DNA. Or, if so, it’s super selective. Like, I don’t want to see a plastic shopping bag anywhere because they scream “I am white trash.”
    I applaud you for your investigative journalism revealing the borderline twine fraud.


  4. I’ll compare prices if the two versions are right in front of me, but usually I’m willing to pay extra for the convenience of not having to run around.
    (Um, two rolls from the dollar store would have given you 240 feet and still been 99c cheaper.)


  5. I’m only OCD about being on time. As far as housework goes, I learned when I had my daughter – the work will still be there a few hours from now or tomorrow, but there are other things much more precious than a clean home, like cuddling or tickling!


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