Creation’s Garden Natural Products

I’ve been looking for “more natural, less chemicals” hair care products; while browsing through TJ Maxx a few weeks, ago I found a line of products from Creation’s Garden and thought I’d give them a try.

They all contain Argan Oil. Argan Oil from Morocco creates anti-frizz and exceptional shine to the hair. This 100% pure Argan Oil from Morocco is a superior source of antioxidants and delivers instant shine and long-lasting rejuvenation.

Argan Oil naturally penetrates to moisturize each layer of the hair strand for healthier, silkier, and extraordinarily shiny hair while offering protection from environmental toxins and chemical treatments.

I’ve been really pleased with the results; my hair is soft and shiny, and the curls are softer and less frizzy. They have great customer service, too!


Creation’s Garden’s® proprietary, technologically advanced nutritional supplements are created with the highest quality certified organic and standardized ingredients at their  licensed cGMP manufacturing facility.

This is what I’ve been using. They’re all reasonably priced under $10.00.
Moisturizing Shampoo with Argan Oil from Morocco
Moisturizing Conditioner with Argan Oil from Morocco
Leave in Conditioner With Argan Oil from Morocco

10 thoughts on “Creation’s Garden Natural Products

  1. Thanks for this, I’ll be on the look-out. My hairdresser recently turned me on to O&M (Original Mineral). Organic, harsh chemical free, and oh the yummy scents. Tad pricey, but OMG. The seven day miracle masque is divine.
    Argan oil is amazing!
    I’ve always been a hair product junkie!


  2. Thanks for this – I have noticed as I’m aging my hair is changing. All my life I have had normal hair. When I was young it was long & poker straight. As I hit menopause & cut it to about shoulder length I developed a slight wave & with the right cut I could almost do wash & wear hair, but if I wanted it a little fuller a blow dryer & some mousse helped. Lately, my hair seems to be dryer & has a lot less shine than usual. So any advice is helpful!


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