Sunday Snapshots of a Backyard in Southern California

spidereggsToday I’m completing the job I started Saturday — washing windows and waging intense chemical warfare against the Invasion of the Spiders. I’m not sure why there are SO MANY spiders hatching this year, but they’re really freaking me out. 

Back to the garden…

California Buckwheat
Eriogonum fasciculatum foliolosum, California Buckwheat grows in the chaparral in very dry hot conditions. Small animals and birds use it for cover.


Baby Nectarines


A row of Pride of Madeira proudly standing guard
at the top of our property


Baby Plums


The first strawberry of the season!




Lemon Verbena
It smells exactly like Lemon Pledge


Snapdragons and Alstromeira


Rosebuds, of course!


56 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots of a Backyard in Southern California

  1. Beautiful! And the snapdragons and alstromeira are just stunning! It’s still early here in Idaho, so the only blooms I have are tulips, grape hyacinth, and phlox. And of course the weeds! Thank you so much for sharing.


      • As the season progresses, I can often be found out in the yard snapping pictures. I’m waiting patiently on all my lilies…I’m rather a lily freak. Right now, I have at least 7 different varieties. And I’m hoping for a good bloom on my peonies this year. A few years ago, my mom brought me some starts from the family farm in ND. Every year, I get a few more blooms. We still aren’t sure how long ago my grandmother planted the peonies, so I’m thrilled to have part of them.


      • That is exactly why I’d grow my own produce! I don’t want all those chemicals on what I’m ingesting. Sorry I’d rather eat 5 small strawberries, than one big one grown with who knows what. You have a beautiful garden! Makes me want one.


      • I sure agree with you when it comes to the chemicals and fruit. I agree that the whole point of growing your own is to have natural fruit. Because we are in the mid-west I have found that the organic is the best for our area. I miss the way that fruit use to taste. One example is I remember eating a peach and the juice running down your chin and it was so good. Not the junk they have now. Okay, rant over 🙂


      • Exactly, and knew you would understand. Cardboard is the perfect word. That is why I am attempting to grow tomatoes this year. I started seeds close to a month ago and going to try for the first time container growing on my balcony. Will keep you posted on how they do!


  2. I love strawberry season. When I was a kid, my dad would take me to the strawberry patch and keep me there hunched over for hours picking. I could barely walk after, but the pay-off was so sweet.

    Beautiful garden. 🙂


  3. When I was living in San Diego it always seemed like we have spiders living with us… from Serra Mesa to Mira Mesa… they were just there no matter what we did. I didn’t mind all that much though because I grew in the desert – black widow central – and I rarely saw any of those in San Diego. Now that I’m living in Ventura County the spiders are starting to creep me out again – I’ve found widows in my garage a couple times already, and we have these enormous ones that look scarier (and are bigger) than the biggest widows I’ve ever seen. They aren’t quite Australia’s Funnel Web Spiders but they are too close for my comfort.

    Your yard looks amazing! We planted some strawberries, basil, cucumbers, jalapenos, and tomatoes last week in a little garden box we have in our backyard. Other than something attacking the cucumber already it seems like they’ve taken so we should be enjoying the benefits of them shortly enough. And our Jasmine is just about to bloom. And our bougainvillea is already blooming. Hooray for spring.


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