Your Pets Name in Signal Flags~ Woof or Meow

My friend at IB Designs, USA has a wonderful nautical flag company. They’re so awesome for so many things (her flags were featured in the film “Safe Haven”) and now you can have your pets’ names spelled out in signal flags! Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to read them….:)

IB Designs USA Blog

I had so much fun putting this blog post together. My friend Enchanted Seashells gave me the idea about pets names and I took it from there. Pets are a member of the family and there are so many creative names out there whether you have a dog or cat. I think it would be kinda cool to have a horizontal or vertical banner that spelled out in signal flags your pets name. They can’t read it but it would make for a unique gift.  I ran across this when I was researching a place called ~The Nautical Dog.

nautical dog logo

They have lots of great ideas. Here is a signal flag dog collar

(posted with their permission)

nautical signal flag dog collar

Also Style Newport had some great pet items on this page. A Dog’s Life

Love the dog and cat bowls that they have!

Below is a few pictures that I put together…

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