A Visit to Anthropologie and a Body Image Confession

**Read all the way to the end for the confession part.

Day Eight of my tugboat man’s departure and the retail therapy withdrawals kicked in this morning in a major way.

It was that old familiar itch. I knew I’d have to satisfy my habit — after the gym,  I headed over to The Forum in La Costa. There’s no better way to satisfy a craving than with Anthropologie‘s overpriced and overhyped goods.

I might be a shopaholic, but I’m a pragmatic one…

In keeping with the nautical theme started with my Hermès  “La Rose des Vents” scarf, I discovered this amazing summer dress. I HAD TO HAVE IT.  Had to. Not even up for discussion.

This little darlin’ was comin’ home with me. I’ll wear it for my captain’s next welcome home, whenever that is, that is.

anthroanchorThis Windward Halter Dress is playfully adorned with schooners, anchors, and ships’ wheels in a lovely vintage-feeling pique fabric.

It manages to convey sweet and sexy at the same time. I was especially drawn to the  assymetically pleated bodice; a nice bit of design and technique.

Originally priced $148.00 — it was on sale for $99.00. I was warned that it runs large, so I tried on a size two and a size zero. Everyone agreed that the size two fit a little better all around, so I grabbed it.**

I’ll pair it with either a white blazer or a red silk and cashmere sweater from Barney’s, depending upon the weather and the occasion. I think this ensemble needs simple accessories: a strand of pearls and pearl stud earrings.

The dress is the star of this show, don’t you agree?


I have espadrilles, but I’ll probably choose these
Chinese Laundry straw shoes with a little sparkle instead of the nude heels.
Totes adorbs, right?

Chinese Laundry shoes

On a personal note, I bet I can guess what you’re thinking…I already know I have body image issues — I fully admit to it and embrace it. It’s just who I am, probably because of all the years of ballet. I refuse to buy any clothes larger than size two. The only way I’ll really be happy is in a DOUBLE ZERO like Victoria Beckham. I don’t want any therapy; I don’t want to change — it’s one of my little quirks and eccentricities. I’ve learned to love myself for it and deal with it. Don’t tell me how skinny I look; I won’t believe you anyway. And yes, I do eat–I’m not anorexic or anything (or I’d be a lot thinner!)

32 thoughts on “A Visit to Anthropologie and a Body Image Confession

  1. The dress is very pretty; you have such a lovely style. Your confession does make me a bit sad for you. (You know those numbers are arbitrary, right?) I’m glad you felt comfortable admitting it, though.


    • I know the numbers are meaningless, well to me they’re not. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that the actual sizes are bigger than they used to be. A size two is way bigger than it was a few years ago-I’ve read articles supporting my theory LOL. I think a lot of it had to do with all my years of ballet; I was never skinny enough to be seriously considered for anything. Oh well…things could be worse! Thank you for commenting-but don’t be sad for me, I’m a very happy 5ft tall girl!

      On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 3:40 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  2. Love that nautical dress and bet it looks really good on you. I am envious and wish I would look good in that. Been losing weight but still have a ways to go. Understand because I don’t like my body either. Love your sense of style ♥


  3. As soon as I saw the shoes on the right (your eventual choice) I knew they were the right ones for this outfit. I might go with slightly more chunky white jewellery so you could have a chunky bracelet. With no sleeves, you might need something on your arm.


  4. The outfit is great! I always feel like I’m a year or two behind on styles–and enjoy seeing how other people about my age pull together items from several sources to make something very stylish.


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