Cogitate and Vegetate

writerblockcatI’m sick.

Not with a fever or muscle aches or even allergies….

I have all the symptoms of “writer’s block“, a disease peculiar to writers — or in my case, a wanna-be writer.

I have lots of posts started — none finished.

One-hundred-twenty-one posts in the Drafts folder.

That’s a lot of procrastination.

This’ll be one-hundred-twenty-TWO.

Maybe I’ll be struck by the muse after a few glasses of this…or maybe not.

writers block wine

Happy Friday, y’all!

25 thoughts on “Cogitate and Vegetate

  1. Wow – I have no posts in my Drafts folder! I have a folder where i keep “Blog Ideas,” as things occur to me to write about, I stick a little note in the folder for those days when I can’t think of anything to blog about. Mostly, I get the idea for my post about midnight or so & I just sit down & write whatever comes spewing out of my brain, do a little editing & push the Publish button.


  2. I would like this, but that seems cruel. I hope you find the way to finish the things you started, or begin them anew and find the perfect way to say what you want.

    I worry about losing followers, too. But say whatever you want. If it makes people mad, it also makes them think. Probably not always nice thoughts, but what the heck.


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