Wolves Lose Protection in Northeast Under Proposed US Rule

The loss of protection for wolves is so heinous a crime that I felt the need to reblog SageDoyle’s post, which is the same theme as yesterday’s re-blogged post.
If we can’t use the collective voice of bloggers to effect change for the good of the universe, what’s the point?
There are so many worthwhile blogs about saving animals from death and cruelty and abuse — of much more value than what I had for breakfast or how many boxes I’ve accumulated — how about reblogging this post and contacting your local, state, and national representatives to DO GOOD.
Stepping off my soapbox now. Thank you, SageDoyle, you are awesome!

5 thoughts on “Wolves Lose Protection in Northeast Under Proposed US Rule

  1. Thanks for reblogging, and for calling me awesome lol. You’re awesome too for picking up the trail and spreading it on. If I remember correctly, they almost lost protection with Bush, but people fought it and it didn’t go through. Hopefully we can fight it again. Beautiful creatures, living things, what a travesty it would be if they lost protection. Thanks again!


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