Open Letter To Boycott WALMART

Walmart puppy

Dear Walmart,

I’m writing this missive while suffering from a broken wrist which is causing me a certain amount of pain, but I need to make sure you realize why I won’t be spending any money at your store, and why I’m encouraging everyone I know to boycott Walmart.

A Kemptville Walmart employee was terminated for calling police about a dog locked in a hot car.

I join with my fellow animal advocates to ask all animal lovers to write Walmart’s head office and let them know you won’t shop in their stores until this has been rectified.

Walmart Home Office

702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716-8611

Email Investor Relations or call 479-273-6463

**Also please share on Facebook and Twitter @Walmart #Walmart. 

If we all speak up, our individual voices become even more powerful.

This employee was doing the right thing and should be honored for this humane act and revered as a wonderful and compassionate role model — not fired — and, geez, what was the legal basis for termination, anyway?

I hope this employee has found a wonderful attorney and sues Walmart for wrongful termination.

This is exactly the kind of employee I would hire if I had a job opening.

What the heck is wrong with you, Walmart?


Princess Rosebud

P.S. This was typed with one hand.
(If anyone wants to start a fund for the employee, please let me know and I’ll contribute)

46 thoughts on “Open Letter To Boycott WALMART

  1. i continue to marvel at stories i hear and read from my nostalgic setting on ecuador’s pacific coast. the photo says it all- was that the actual dog, an actual image from that story? did the employee take that photo? if so, it will be very important evidence for his/her case.

    thanks for sharing this story!


  2. Terrible! I will join my voice in contacting Wal-Mart. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I was away and not keeping up — sorry to hear about your wrist! I hope you broke it while wrestling a fellow bargain hunter for that half-price Chanel!


  3. I researched and read a few articles before I posted that on FB, According to what I found, she was fired for speaking rudely to a customer. Apparently, the customer who left the dog in the vehicle. Whatever. I lost respect for Walmart years ago. Labor practices, employee relations, and what they do to small towns when they come in and build. The last I’ve seen first hand. I just refuse to shop there and support them anymore.


  4. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!
    Also, I join in your boycott of Walmart. I’ve seen the same thoughtless actions here at Denver Walmarts. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


  5. As a former employer I can understand firing an employee for rude behavior – there is no acceptable excuse. The employee could have gotten her point across without abusing the customer. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I hate when anyone abuses an animal, but when you are representing a store, you have to take your behavior into consideration.


  6. I had boycotted WalMart for many years for many reasons…then I moved to this WalMart- dominated town….I have little choice for many items.When I can buy nearly anything at Kroger,I will.If I can get some things at the few smaller shops here,I try.I stock up when I get out-of-town,(and that is where I do my holiday shopping, as well.) If we’d only get a Target here.


  7. Which reminds me of a blog post I need to do tomorrow. I was out at Cabrillo National Monument and at the beginning of the parking lot, but waaaaaaaaaaay beyond the entry fee pay station, was a sign saying that dogs must remain in cars. I’m thinking, no, dogs must never remain in cars. If dogs are not welcome, then the vehicle should not be let into the park.


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