In Labor or Labour — The Great Kate Wait Is Almost Over

UPDATE: The wait is OVER! Yay! Congrats to the happy mom and dad on their baby boy; 8lbs 6oz. My own Angel Boy was 8lbs 4oz, so it’s almost exactly the same. Can’t wait to see pics!

I’m not British, but as Princess Rosebud, I feel a certain kinship with the royal family.

When Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, I watched the wedding on TV, nursing my son for pretty much the entire day, only moving to change diapers and bathe my little four-month-old. I had sent my regrets — understandably I was unable to attend because I’d so recently given birth.

When Kate Middleton became Princess Catherine and married Prince William, I was glued to the TV again. This time, however, I was a bit miffed that my invitation had (obviously) not arrived across the pond in time for this momentous occasion. Snail mail and all that, you know.

Now that the royal birth is imminent or has already occurred —  like millions around the world,  I’m awaiting the formal announcement.

As the only living member of my own little monarchy, I’m anticipating the naming ceremony; keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll acknowledge me with a middle name of Rosebud, perhaps?


15 thoughts on “In Labor or Labour — The Great Kate Wait Is Almost Over

  1. I look forward to hearing the name as well. I heard that one of the front-runners for a boy is George. It’s my dad’s middle name. I would have called one of my boys that, but I was outvoted by the husband. Not sure how that worked but whatever LOL. At least I got Charles. 🙂


  2. Hard to fit Rosebud into a boy’s name… but, I’m sure they wouldn’t have overlooked you if it had been a girl. You are, after all, everyone’s favorite Aunt Princess Rosebud. 😉


  3. I don’t think Rosebud will work as a name for a boy. I don’t like George – it’s a lot of name for a baby to live up to. I don’t think we need another Charles (Prince Charles is still alive). I think an Edward would be nice!


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