Call Him Master! What It’s Like Being Married to a Tugboat Captain

Here in real time, our real life.

Short and sweet, here’s our emails from about an hour ago.

It reveals all you need to know about how we deal with this long distance marriage thing.

You will notice that he is referred to as MASTER. Isn’t that just the funniest thing ever?

That’s what they call the captain of the vessel….Master.

Sometimes I’ll call him “Master” in public just to freak people out.

Email captain

Oh, and he was thanking me for sending him a current weather report. Don’t ask me why he likes whatever forecasting model I use instead of the options he has, but I send him one every day.

And you can tell who talks the most, huh? ย This is exactly what we’re like when we’re inches apart as opposed to being separated by thousands of miles.

His word count is four.

Nuff said.

Have a lovely Friday evening, y’all!

14 thoughts on “Call Him Master! What It’s Like Being Married to a Tugboat Captain

  1. It’s awesome when you just know each other’s communication style after so long together…though if I ever sent my wife a four-word email, she would instantly assume someone had hacked my account and was doing a terrible impression. ๐Ÿ˜€


    • That’s very funny AND perceptive, Randall, hub is a man of few words, tho just this second I received my reply. It’s a bit wordier, and I’ll post it tomorrow for the conclusion. What’s really funny is if I just reply with a word or two, he writes back and asks me what’s wrong, Yes, our loving spouses know us all too well!

      On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 7:50 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  2. Master! In public! Too funny!
    Men.When we were apart for almost our whole engagement,I wrote every day; I got nowhere near the responses.Email, messaging and unlimited calls,(like we have now, not to mention cell phones), would have been a great help.
    Master! Still laughing!


    • Really Tonette, it’s so funny to watch everyone react. I say, Yes Master, like I’m Jeannie or something. You can just imagine my hub, he has a very dry sense of humor and he’s soooo low key, totally opposite to me, and he just plays along with it. Don’t worry, if anyone is dominant in this relationship, well, I’d say we’re pretty equal! Yes, things were much different before unlimited calls and email. (I think he really likes being called Master)

      On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


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