Duct Dynasty, Not DUCK Dynasty

Nope. That’s not a typo.

I meant to say “duct” and not “duck” but I can’t take credit for the wit — well, I sorta can take credit ‘cos I  gave birth to it, but the actual cleverness came from my witty wordsmith son when I was telling him about hub’s newest project: tearing out and replacing ALL of the heating ducts.

For the record, I’ve never watched a single episode of “Duck Dynasty” and I’m repulsed by any TV show that’s based upon killing animals. Yes, even ducks. I don’t agree with ANYTHING they believe in, especially the killing. And the homophobic and racist rants.duck-dynasty-season-31

Do you ever wonder what a globe-wandering professional mariner does when he’s home for a couple of months?

If there’s no surf, that is?

Well, this tugboat captain of mine restores boats like Princess Rosebud (click on it to read about my namesake) or conjures up major house repair projects like replacing all of the heating ducts. This house was built in the early 1970s; I’ve lived here since 1985 and from the looks of the original ducts, they still carry forty years of dirt and dust and germs.

t’s just like when he’s out to sea, creating projects for the crew to keep busy as well as helping to maintain the vessel. Only now I’m his only crew member ha ha!

duct dynasty

Because this is a tri-level, it has not been an easy job and the access to the “bones” of this old house is kinda tough for a guy who’s bigger than a jockey (ha ha).


It’s taken about a week, including several trips to Home Depot to purchase-return-repurchase things. Hub’s been roaming around in the attic and the walls with a vacuum cleaner and all the parts.


Duct Dynasty1There’s only been one little accident where he slipped on a beam, and you can see the cracked ceiling in the laundry room that will need to be patched and painted.

I’m waiting for him to emerge so we can have a glass of wine, homemade vegetable soup, and flaky biscuits — fresh and steaming hot from the oven.


My own Duct Dynasty will soon be fresh and clean.

No ducks (or ducts) were injured in the process, but I’ve got a few hours work to put everything back in the laundry room/linen closet/home for old rugs and blankets.



16 thoughts on “Duct Dynasty, Not DUCK Dynasty

      • It’s probably a good thing I don’t have the storage – I HATE to throw things away. And of course, if I stop at Goodwill to drop off some donations, I end up in the store buying just as much as I gave them. ‘Resistance is futile’.


      • SOOOO true for me too! The old blankets come in handy to protect furniture, drop cloths for painting, animals we find…camping! I have never regretted saving them or sheets. But some of the other stupid stuff I collect…except for seashells cos you can never have too many of those, right?

        On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 9:51 AM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


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