xoxo From Mexico: The Gift That Keeps on Giving…

Please accept my sincerest apologies for not yet posting the resolution to “Bitch, Stay Away From My Husband”. (Click on the title if you haven’t read it.)

I had no intentions of making the cliff hanger last so long but…

Mexico bestowed upon me its highest honor: Montezuma’s Revenge.


(From PETA, thought I’d offer a little subliminal message LOL)

In between bouts of throwing up and…. you know…I’ve been trying to figure out where I got it. Ice cubes? Fruit? Not sure, ‘cos I was my usual compulsive self about using bottled water for everything.

To make it even worse, our trip home was delayed for four hours. We boarded the Alaska Airlines flight, sat there for a long time, was told there was a problem with the fuel gauge, and deplaned. We all sat in the airport with free food vouchers while some people left to go to a hotel, but finally, we reboarded and departed only to be told that there was a lot of fog in San Diego and they might have to divert the plane to LAX and bus us down.

I don’t think my poor stomach could have taken much more of that. We made it home safely, with no diversion.

While stuck in the Cabo airport, we had the pleasure of meeting an awesome Angel who brought home a puppy that had been dumped on the side of the road near Cabo.

Now I’m on clear liquids, probiotics, and dry toast.

I’m almost finished with the rest of the story about that stupid girl surfer and will post tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with a little teaser…my tugboat man just needed a little refresher course about how to spot predators.


41 thoughts on “xoxo From Mexico: The Gift That Keeps on Giving…

  1. “Like” seems somehow inappropriate, but we don’t have an “I emphathize and have been there too” button. I do empathize — and sympathize — and have been there. Except I picked up the micro-organism from hell in the middle east and I don’t know how to say Montezuma in Hebrew. Probably Montezuma.

    You didn’t have the 5-star vacation experience one hopes for. Now you need a vacation to recover from your vacation. Feel better soon!


  2. You poor thing. I got that two times ago in JA. The plain ride home was seriously not fun. I hadn’t eaten much, but I made sure I ate nothing for at least a day before we left. The probiotics will help. Get better soon. Looking forward to hearing the end of the story.


  3. It’s the fin, right? Usually gives them away… 😉
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    I think I was very lucky last time I was down south. We’d been good the whole time, and then the last night we were there (Playa Del Carmen) we ventured away from the main streets to find a little secluded restaurant, I ordered a margarita to accompany my meal, and it only dawned on me afterwards that there was ice in my drink. I freaked out, but nothing bad ever came of it. Super lucky.


  4. I hear ya sister! You have my complete and utter sympathy. I recently suffered a miserable bout with some horrid foodborne illness on a visit to Houston, Texas. I have since made a solemn vow to never travel without Pepto-Bismol – EVER AGAIN!


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