The Joy of Valentine’s Day…

…From the Perspective of an Always Appreciative Gift Recipient.

And that would be me.

Happy Valentine's DayI’m not here to debate the pros and cons of Valentine’s Day.

The fact remains that Friday, February 14 IS Valentine’s Day and MOST girls LOVE to receive gifts symbolic of their partner’s love and devotion.

(If you’re like Princess Rosebud, you feel that you deserve adulation and prezzies 365 days a year, and you’d think that singling out one specific date wouldn’t be a big deal, but it really, really IS.)

I’ve always loved V-Day.

I still have the handcrafted Valentine’s Day cards my son made for me with crayons and doilies. Remember those?

“Mommy, you are my secret valentine. Will you marry me? I love you.”

Those were the BEST.

Not that I’d turn down a diamond tennis bracelet or another Chanel handbag (oh wait, I promised I’d never beg for another one) …er, I mean a Chanel scarf or necklace, but it’s not always about the amount of money spent that’s meaningful – it’s really more about the effort to find something that is an expression of love.

When you have a travelling spouse like me, wife of a tugboat captain, it’s really special when he’s home for Valentine’s Day or my birthday, or any other day that calls for gifties,  ha ha.  This year, he’s leaving for a continuing education class (they do that to professional mariners all the time) on Sunday the 9th and might return on the 14th or he might be leaving right from there for another assignment and be gone for a month or two.  That means he might miss Valentine’s Day AND our special twentieth wedding anniversary which totally sucks.

He never forgets; however, and I bet after my absolute crazy meltdown in Mexico, he wouldn’t DARE forget to do something memorable before he leaves on Sunday.

It’s really insurance that he’ll live to see another year. Not really. Well, maybe.Ya never know for sure. It’s a good idea to keep them (men) on their toes, don’t you agree? Keep ’em guessing. Disclaimer: I’m only kidding. (Or am I?)

So, for my own tugboat man and anyone else who might be listening, here’s a few ideas that have piqued my interest:

I  LOVE personalized gifts and what could be cuter than hedgehogs?

Hurry to get these romantic gifts home in time for Valentine’s Day.

I found a lot of great and affordable gift ideas for all occasions at

Hedgehogs Wine glasses Candy Heart Wreath

PS. I haven’t been paid for the mention.


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