Why I’m Boycotting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

World MEOver the years, I’ve been a passive fan of the Olympic games.

Oh, I’d sometimes watch figure skating, skiing and snowboarding, and that’s about it. Sean White is from our town, Carlsbad, and went to the same high school as my son, so there’s that tenuous connection.

The best year for me was 1994. I LOVED Oksana Baiul. Watching her perform “The Swan” was the most incredibly beautiful synergy of ballet and ice dancing. I’m not sure that level of perfection will ever be surpassed.

And it’s not that I don’t understand the years of training and sacrifice by the athletes and their families to reach this point in their lives, and it’s not that I don’t admire that kind of passion.

I get it, I really do.

But, overshadowing the joy of the win and the tears of defeat, is the tragedy of human rights and animal rights in Russia.

According to One Green Planet, over the last few months, Sochi, this year’s Winter Olympics host city, has fallen under intense scrutiny.

Some have called for a boycott of the 2014 Olympics because of Russia’s anti-gay policies, including a piece of legislation signed into law in June 2013 banning “homosexual propaganda” but no one has spoken publicly about boycotting the games on behalf of the animals.


Photo property of Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain’s Wife

But there has been limited media coverage of Russia’s disregard for animal protection, including Sochi’s decision to use a captive dolphin as a torch bearer and the still pending transport of two wild-caught orcas to a Sochi dolphinarium.

And here’s more depressing news…

According to Peter Akman of CTV News, the city has gone back on its word and has resumed its plan to cull stray animals in an attempt to “cleanse” the area for Olympic guests.

Concerned locals have been documenting the cull’s victims through photo and video footage and animal activist groups have again called on the city to end its futile population control method, urging Sochi to instead build a shelter for homeless animals.

Unfortunately, we see similarly cruel decisions regarding animal “management” here in the United States with wolves, coyotes, and other predators, but this does not mean we should accept defeat and stay silent.

Instead, we must stay strong and be the voice for the voiceless.

In response to this barbarism, our own family boycott will manifest itself in a very simple way:

We will not watch NBC. We will change the station, watch another network, support other advertisers.

It’s not much, but it’s a statement to support our beliefs.

It seems so sad that not even one Olympic athlete has spoken out against these atrocities.

Is winning a medal more important than the life of an animal or thousands of animals?

Is that the best message we are sending the world and our future generations?

What you can do:

1. Join my family in boycotting The Winter Olympics and the advertisers. It’s a small sacrifice to show your support against these atrocities.

2. Sign this petition on Care2, asking Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, to halt Sochi’s cull.

3. You can also send an email to the City of Sochi urging them to focus on more effective and KIND overpopulation management solutions such as low cost sterilization and trap-neuter-release programs.

Thanks to OneGreenPlanet for this info.

WorldMe2Just think about it, OK?

25 thoughts on “Why I’m Boycotting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

  1. I can home today and my son was watching stuff on Youtube about all the human rights issues that are happening over there. If a person is willing to treat another person badly, it seems animals are treated even worse. Good for you for taking a stand and speaking out about this. Your pictures really say it all.


  2. I’m so conflicted.
    I want to stand with you, because you are right the human and animal right issues going on over there are more important than sport.
    But… I love sport. I love the passion. I love the action. I love the devotion. I love that they are all striving towards perfection and getting closer every time out. I love the glory of it.
    And… selfishly, I don’t know that I can give up enjoying those moments…


  3. So, while I typically boycott the Olympics because they ruin all of my February TV watching, I am now properly educated on what the heck is going on over in Russia. And I thank you for it. And love your passion toward animals. My signature is on the petition and Ted and I will be watching Animal Planet the next two weeks!


  4. Hooray and thank you for following what you believe to the letter. I’m with you on animal rights, wolf especially, and I’m a veggie person, too, and don’t get me started on the idiocy of Snowdon’s thinking and running off to Russia…RUSSIA? with his complaints? A hundred years ago he would be in a gulag now after spilling the secrets….but….how can I say this and not sound like I’m ditching ethics to go dancing. But, sometimes it pays to let a moment of peace and civility pass between leaders be they heads of state or husband and wife, and see if they can look each other in the eye after a deadly argument that would kill the relationship of lesser people. I know you get what I mean. I see the Olympics as a rare opportunity for healing if we only will let it.


    • I just saw RED when I read about the brutal methods for the “solution” for unwanted dogs, made me think of Germany’s “solution” for unwanted Jews or Gypsies or whoever or whatever is deemed a nuisance or unwanted. I’m just so sick of cruelty and killing and abuse. I think I’m getting inundated with too much of that on Facebook, I should prob take a step back for a while. I do love to watch the athletes, I totally understand your point of view too! Thank you for your thoughts, I really appreciate it!


      • I understand. We have to stand for all of this cruelty and on the Olympics you’ll stand for this side and I’ll be a bit more on the other, but the next time it will be reversed, but some how let’s hope our voices and thoughts are heard and in a groundswell make a difference.


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