Best JewMom Film: A Review of “Guilt Trip”

Since it’s almost Purim and Passover, this is the PERFECT time for a little JewMom guilt, dontcha think?

First of all, don’t go all hinky on me; I maintain the right to use the term “JewMom” not only affectionately, but proudly, respectfully, and accurately, because I AM a JewMom. Probably the JewMommiest Mommy of them all, to be totes honest with y’all.

ince it’s almost Purim and Passover, this is the PERFECT time for a little JewMom guilt, dontcha think?

I CONFESS (this IS Confessions of a Tugboat Captain’s Wife and I DO confess transgressions and deep dark secrets every once in a while just to keep me honest and to keep you guys on your toes)

So, I CONFESS that I saw “Guilt Trip” three times in the last two weeks. CRZY. Cray. Beyond cray.

Why, you ask? Netflix stuck? TV broke? Dementia? (That description is from my snarky son, Angel Boy, I mean DOCTOR Angel Boy.)

Here’s how it happened. I was baking up a storm, a marathon baking sesh ‘cos my son, DIL, AND tugboat man were all arriving at Casa de Enchanted Seashells virtually within hours of each other, which meant that I had one train station pickup and two airport pickups back to back to back.

While the Ginger + Ginger Cake was in the oven and chocolate chip cookies were cooling on a rack, I poured myself a glass of chard and searched through Netflix for something funny with which to entertain myself while i allowed myself a relaxing moment or two.

On Netflix “Guilt Trip” came up a few times in New Releases and Newly Added and Suggestions for me, but I kept looking for something else, cos the thumbnail pic of Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand didn’t really call out to me – film marketing companies need to work on their thumbnails! — but then nothing else did either, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’m so glad I did ‘cos it was an unexpected and sweetly funny surprise. Rogan and Streisand have a great chemistry together; natural, easygoing, playing off each other effortlessly. Road trip films are a tried and true formula; moms and sons is a savory twist to the genre.

I love movies that aren’t full of gratuitous violence, gratuitous sex/nudity, and have happy endings. If you’re like me, you’ll like “Guilt Trip”.

A SHORT SYNOPSIS: As UCLA organic chemist grad and  inventor Andy Brewster is about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime to sell his product, a quick stop at his mom’s house turns into an unexpected cross-country voyage with her along for the ride.

BEST MOM QUOTE EVER: “If all the little boys in the world were lined up, and I had to just pick only one, I’d choose you… every time.” (Streisand to Rogan)

Every mother and her adult son SHOULD see this film together, whether you’re a Jewish mom like me or not. They are, after all, always our baby boys, no matter their age. Like I tell my son, there are worse things to endure in this world than having a mother who loves him as much as I do.

It is SO funny. I saw a lot of myself in it — the zillion phone calls, screaming out his name at the airport, the son going to school 3,000 miles away from home (we don’t even want to GO THERE) — Angel Boy and I haven’t gone on a road trip together, but it might look pretty much exactly like this one if we did, except for me winning a steak eating contest.

Actually, we did something similar when I flew to Goettingen, Germany to visit him for his junior year abroad at the University of Goettingen when he was at UCSD. We spent a week together traveling around Germany. I had an amazing time, even though we got stuck in a blizzard, and even if I was prolly a bit annoying. OK, maybe a LOT annoying, but still, to spend time like that with my Angel Boy was priceless. Spending the night at the airport in Frankfurt is still something that makes us laugh.

Aside: In the film, there’s a LOT of blatant product placement from Kmart to Costco to QVC, but it wasn’t too distracting and i had to admire the chutzpah.

The second viewing was with Angel Boy and DIL. I think DIL probably enjoyed it more than my son; he cringed a bit during some of the scenes of Rogan with Streisand that we thought were HILARIOUS. I think it all hit a bit too close to home at certain moments, LOL. And yes, I too have purchased underwear for my adult son. I confess…

DIL thought that UCLA as Rogan character’s school and the UCLA sweatshirt was “art mimicking life” and perhaps a SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE because Angel Boy recently interviewed for a teaching job there (fingers crossed!) and because all I wear are t-shirts and sweatshirts from the universities my son has attended. Right now I’m sporting  a “Someone at Yale loves me” t-shirt under a “Yale Mom” sweatshirt. I am SUCH a cliche, I know, I know.

And i’m drinking out of a Yale/Hello Kitty water bottle. Pathetic, right? I know.

The third viewing was with my tugboat man and I know he liked it mainly ‘cos he didn’t fall asleep once, ha ha!

I hope I’ve “guilt tripped” you into seeing it, too, and I hope you like it as much as we did.

I totes recommend “Guilt Trip” (2012)
I give it 5 Louboutins out of 5


37 thoughts on “Best JewMom Film: A Review of “Guilt Trip”

  1. You struck a cord with me!! The mom-son thing, of course. 2 sons, here, so I love the theme. But for me… ANYTHING Barbra … and I’m there. I believe I’ve watched this movie 5 times. 4 theatre trips with friends who know I love Barbra (3 times, different friends) and once with my husband (who supports my obsession of anything Barbra) … and once I chose it as my movie-of-choice to watch on a plane. 🙂


  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed the movie.

    And I never judged you from your first sentence, not even once. 🙂 Actually when I saw the trailer when the movie first came out, it reminded me of my mother, and then I felt the inevitable Jewish guilt!


  3. OMG,I love this.I have to see this! Every Jewish mother joke can be turned so easily into an Italian mother joke, just switch the names.And being the mom of two grown sons,I can relate for myself.
    Shalom…because some fool wished me a “Happy Lent” for God’s sake and although maybe Happy Purim(????,) I’m pretty darned sure Happy Passover isn’t a good idea.


  4. OK, OK, you sold me! I even watched the trailer. Netflix should send you a commission check! I’ll see if I can convince my hubby to watch it with me tonight.


  5. I keep wanting to see this, and then I forget about it until something new reminds me. Today that was your post. I must put this on my list and get it from Redbox soon. Looks like a great one.


  6. I thought this movie was Okay- not great, just Okay. Seemed kinda formulatic to me (Pushy mommy. Son trying to break away. They find respect and deep love for one another. All along a road trip) but I LOVE that you LOVED it! Now, when YOU take this trip with your little darling- that I’ll watch!


    • I agree that it was a formula with a twist (mom/son) and some of the scenarios were a bit not real, but the whole UCLA thing resonated as well as a former gf of my son who was named Jessica…which got us all talking about her and googling what she’s up to now. For me, I wanted to make sure my son was hit over the head with the idea that there’s nothing wrong with a mom who loves her son SO much. I mean geez, he’s almost 33 and we call him Angel Boy. 33!!!! Still can’t believe it.


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