Princess Rosebud and Her Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

I will speak in third person, not sure why, but that’s how I’m feeling at this exact moment so that’s how I’ll roll.

Princess Rosebud had a terrible, horrible, no good, VERY BAD DAY.

Her arms are crossed, lower lip jutting out, brow furrowed (as much as a Botoxed brow can be) and she’s stomping her foot.

A melt-down is imminent.

The day had started out in spectacular fashion.

Her Tugboat Man was FINALLY! COMING HOME!

He had been gone for almost a month and Princess Rosebud missed him a lot especially since he had been absent during the whole retinal tear/laser surgery episode as well as the “meeting Al Gore” event.

The house was spotless; the bed freshly made with 800 thread count linens that had been ironed and perfumed (with Chanel), ‘cos even a tough tugboat captain gets tired of smelling diesel fuel all the time and he appreciates the little things.

After hitting the trifecta: Trader Joe’s, BevMo, and Sprouts, she dragged nine bags of groceries from her car to the house and up the flight of steps to reach the kitchen (they live in a Southern California tri-level).  She then walked back down to the garage to bring up a bottle of Gruet champagne and a couple bottles of wine.

Taking care of the most important chore first, Princess Rosebud placed the champagne and a bottle of chardonnay in the refrigerator and gathered together flour, cocoa, sugar, and eggs for a baking session.

The special welcome home menu would be Caesar Salad with homemade dressing, freshly baked French bread, and a (hopefully) moist and fudgey decadent chocolate cake.

Taking a brief moment to drink a glass of refreshing lemon water, she opened her computer to check for an email from her Tugboat Man with specific flight details. The airport is about forty minutes away and takes much longer if there’s traffic, and there’s usually tons of traffic.

This is what she found in her Inbox:

Bad news they’re asking me to do another trip. I’ve asked them to keep looking for someone else but it’s a possibility. Not happy, sorry. 

(She pounded out a swift reply, of course all in caps.)


(Storm clouds on the horizon. An upset Princess is NOT a good thing to behold.)

I am not kidding.  I will have more time off when I do get home. Just trying to look at the bright side. Now you can eat for a while. I will call you tomorrow with the final word. Love you.

I don’t know what to say. 

(She had a lot to say, but didn’t want to say anything she’d regret at a later date.)

You and me both honey.

What was Princess going to do? She had been so very excited to see her Tugboat Man and he was now delayed for two weeks because his relief captain was unable to take over for some reason. 

It’s not like this never happens in the life of a professional mariner.

It’s always a possibility.

Other mariner spouses have all experienced the “delay”. Either the assignment lasts longer than expected, or another obstacle presents itself.

Like this. Like having to work an extra two weeks because the company is in a bind.

That’s why most of the time Princess doesn’t allow herself to get too excited or plan anything until she knows he’s at the airport and on his way.

But this story has a happy ending. Sort of.

No, her Tugboat Man didn’t get a reprieve; he’s still scheduled to return around the 26th, but Princess’ friend came over and helped her drown her sorrows with a couple of bottles of wine purchased for the homecoming celebration.

A different ending than one of Angel Boy’s favorite childhood books…


…but the message is the same.

We can learn to cope when things don’t go our way — and in my case, a few glasses of wine turned my frown upside down!


27 thoughts on “Princess Rosebud and Her Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

  1. I say, have a good satisfying tantrum, then a good cry, and have a party to celebrate you and your excellent wifehood, get a good sleep, and salvage what you didn’t eat. slowly gather staples to keep on hand so when he is able to come back, you will be all prepared, rested, serene…oh, and don’t forget to drink the wine. Sorry tis happened. I feel so badly about this but know he will soon be home again!


  2. MMM. Chocolate cake and champagne. So sorry about your horrible day. Like he said, he’ll have more time off. Go shopping. You’ll feel better. Lucy


  3. Reading this, I feel less bad about occasional travel and overtime. I used to travel a lot and it used to come on short notice. It’s hard. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s good that he looks for the bright side. It’s good that you have cold wine. It’s easier for the person that’s away and working than the person home and waiting. Enjoy it when it happens.


    • I think you hit the nail on the head, it is easier for the one who is gone. I learned that when I was back east last month while my son was ill. Hub was here at home (he only stayed with us for about 3 days, until the immediate crisis was over, and saw that DIL and I had it all under control) and I was busy 24/7 while he was for the first time ever the one home waiting. Not that I would ever want to do THAT again, but it gave us both a different perspective. Agreed, wine is good 🙂


  4. You are allowed to stomp around with your lip out, trust me. Been there with the whole disappointment thing and it is difficult to not pout a bit. At least you had a nice friend to share that wine with!!! And he will come home…….just later. Gives you more time to miss each other, right??? Hugs.


  5. Yes, waiting and waiting until your neck becomes as long as a giraffe neck and to get such news is very disappointing indeed! But such incidents make your time with him very precious! Treasure those moments!


  6. Dear Princess Rosebud,

    I always read your stories, and though I’ve only commented once, I couldn’t help but say something again this time around. Poor you! Can imagine the disappointment. I hate it when plans don’t turn out as planned. I love the way you wrote it though. It made for an entertaining read when the real-life event didn’t actually entertain you. Could be Mercury retrograde. Have a lovely weekend anyway x



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