Trends in Toenail Fashion

Just saying “toenail” and “fashion” in the same sentence makes me feel all oooky and squeamish BUT I’m doing this for YOU —  my readers — as a public service to bring you the pertinent details and relevant information — especially since it’s officially summer and our feet are exposed in sandals and flip-flops.

Hold on, I need a sip of  yummy Stonecrop screw-top chardonnay before I continue…you might also want to prepare yourself with an adult beverage — I can wait.

This is where it all started. I saw this pic on Facebook, gagged a bit, threw up in my mouth a bit, shared it, and received TONS of commentary, more than is normally generated by a photo-share — and it fueled my determination to delve into the subject of extremely long toenails — I truly believe it’s reached the status of being POST-worthy.

Here ya go, what do YOU think?


100% of the comments on my Facebook page were like this: “Eww”, “Disgusting”, “Yikes”, “OMG, those look like pterodactyl claws!”, “Chain saw!”, and “YUCK”.

Although, I’m not totally hating on the shoes. Who doesn’t love sparkle?

Could this be the NEXT BIG THING?

I’ve done a bit of armchair research. Apparently, having LONG toenails is a “THING”; a certain segment of society thinks it’s SEXY.

Check out this FB page if you don’t believe me and here’s a tip: MUTE the sound if you click on it…

In many cultures, long toenails are as appreciated as long and manicured fingernails. Many women take great pride in their toenails, treating them with the same attention and concern as their fingernails.

You gotta check out this Pinterest page:

No way, it’s not for me!!!

Personally, I can think of a zillion reasons why that wouldn’t work for my lifestyle…I go to the gym and work out, can’t have those claws getting in the way of my jumping jacks or at kickboxing, right?

We hike; no way those monstrosities will fit in hiking shoes-or any shoes for that matter. It doesn’t seem possible to be an active, athletic person with those gnarly hooks.

Oh, and HYGIENE. That’s a big one.

Most importantly, I have no doubt that my tugboat man would NEVER again want to get all cuddly and romantic if he had to go to bed fearing a midnight slashing.

What do you think? 

Are YOU going to join this fashion trend?*************************************************************************************

Animals do it right.

 Bear claws and an adorable sloth.





37 thoughts on “Trends in Toenail Fashion

  1. Those are truly terrifying. Can you imagine sharing a bed w/that person? Or being a fish in the sea if they ever walked into it?? This makes me want to find those lovely ladies and show them a picture of MY toenails, which haven’t grown since I was a zygote. Turnabout is fair play, right?


  2. Not only can one not work out but what about playing footsie?! And how do any of the folks above do anything that normal people do? They must not live in climates that require closed toed shoes…YUCK. EWW. DISGUSTING….


  3. I know women who have fingernails like this. I don’t know how they get work done – actually, they do very little and get by with it. And then comes this ooky gah thought – how do they wipe their butts? or……oh my this and the tonail thing are two fashion trends that need to go the way of the polyester leisure suit and white belt and white buck shoe accessories.


      • and it is scary going in doors after them or being at the grocery and seeing them pick over produce. I admit I just give up. creepy looking and creepy otherwise. You would think….but some people care more about what is stylish than what constitutes a senisible and healthy lifestyle. I know a woman with nails like that with a newborn. Lord have mercy.


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