On The Fourth of July – My Message to the Angry Mob in Murrieta, California

To the protesters…

You should all be ashamed of yourselves; you horrible, horrible people.

These are children. These are human beings.

There is too much hatred and abuse in this world – to animals in slaughterhouses, to our pets who trust us to love and care for them with compassion, to children who don’t deserve to be locked up in cages or left in cars to die in misery.

Think about THIS poem today on the 4th of July as you celebrate our country that offers you the freedom to scream at children who deserve food and shelter and running water.

What if this was YOUR family? Hmmm?

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

 Author: Emma Lazarus


21 thoughts on “On The Fourth of July – My Message to the Angry Mob in Murrieta, California

  1. Beautiful. And especially today, when the local news here has been full of a woman who was charged for dropping a child she was meant to be caring for, on it’s head, after consuming a bottle and a half of wine before going to pick it up from wherever.

    She dropped it. ON IT’S HEAD.

    The child has significant head injuries.

    She was fined £40.

    My blood BOILS AT THIS.

    SO NO – it is NOT OKAY to do this kind of thing and it is NOT OKAY for people to hurt one another or attack one another and could PEOPLE JUST STOP HURTING OTHER PEOPLE.



  2. And that horrible man who according to reports, left his son to bake in the oven of his car. I say, put in a car from which he cannot escape, and let it be parked in Death Valley, Bonneville Flats. My grandmother always said there was a special hell for those who abused the helpless and defenseless. She was a loving and forgiving woman but she said one day, hell was going to burst wide open to receive these monsters, that it was the only way she could hear of these horrible things and not go mad, that one day they would truly get what they deserved. I feel the same way.


  3. Our country certainly has its share of angry people driven to blame others for a life that doesn’t please them. But it also has lovely people who care about others, who try to help, who speak for others who have not found their voices. Those protestors ought to be ashamed, and ought to put their energy into improving their own lives rather than blaming others for whatever this country lacks. Hatred is the enemy, not people.


  4. It’s so lovely to see that there is still compassion left in this country. I feel as if if people are foreign, or different in any way they cease being human in the eyes of some Americans. Reading this piece makes me proud to be in your company. May our voices remind the world that all here are not uncaring monsters who think nothing of degrading and belittling even the oldest and the youngest while pursuing our own personal and political agendas.


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