He Could Have Been a Serial Killer

Was I crazy to invite a man from the virtual world of blogging into our home?

Not a meet-up in a coffee shop; not at a public location where it’s safe, where we could arrive and depart without fear of being followed.

I didn’t even blink when I shared our address with this “friend”.

His online photo could have been fake; his writing just a ploy to lure a naive female to let down her guard and welcome him with open arms.

But there had to be trust on his end too, right?

He didn’t know what he was walking into — literally. He may have never been heard from again.

As it is, I think he could possibly be forever traumatized by the sheer number of seashells strewn on every shelf, adhering to most walls…

seashell mirror









He could have been a serial killer — to parrot my mom, who always cautioned me not to be too trusting, not to get into cars with strangers — you know, mom-speak.

My mom died long before the world of the internet connected those of us who might never have had their paths cross.

Although we didn’t know him at the time, this young man attended the same university as my son, and yes, we were probably only rows away from each others’ families on graduation day, but the internet facilitates these exact types of serendipitous human bridges.

So, on one of the hottest days of the year, the Jester himself, writer extroidanaire at The Matticus Kingdom (you really should follow his blog!) stopped by Casa de Enchanted Seashells to spend the afternoon with me and my tugboat man where I obnoxiously tried to stuff him full of food (Jewish mom syndrome).

Oh, and he’s a published author as well, with Fauxpocalypse: a collection of short fiction about the end of the world that wasn’t–available on Amazon.

There was lively conversation on all fronts and I can’t wait ’til he’s back in the area with his lovely wife and the Little Prince.

Nope, not a serial killer, but an awesome guy!

You were wrong this time, Mom!

Have you ever invited a stranger into your home? Was it a good or bad experience?

18 thoughts on “He Could Have Been a Serial Killer

  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. In this case, a stronger friendship. I have met up with so many people I have first encountered online. Heck, supposedly, some people find dates and spouses that way! It’s the new way of doing things, just gotta have some common sense too (let people know said potential serial killer is coming over, that kind of thing).


  2. Glad that you had a nice conversation. Never invited anyone in that I met online but have a small apartment. Did meet my other half online but we met in a restaurant the first few times. Almost 10 yrs ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long!


  3. Well since most the bloggers I have met are half way across the world, I rather doubt this will happen to me….. but hey good on yea. I’d love to meat up with some of my bloggy friends.


  4. No, I would not invite some stranger off the internet but Matticus is hardly a stranger! That would have been a real trip! I’ve had a lot of fun reading him and talking back and forth.I need to get to him more. Glad you had fun!


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