I’ve Strayed

I’ve strayed from my essence.

Have you ever done that?

It all became clear; it all got brought right back – smack in my face – with this particular comment from a PR person who liked a review I’d written…

“I love your particular writing style (your voice is very casual and personable)”

…and that lovely and very unexpected compliment stopped me in my tracks.

Isn’t writing, after all, the raison d’être?

The WHY of why I’m doing this?

I mean, blogging, ya know?

I’ve been sidetracked.

I’ve been petty.

It isn’t to attract FRIENDS or FOLLOWERS or LIKES or pennies that dribble in from time to time – it’s the WRITING.


Screaming in the darkness of the void of humanity.

Or something like that.

I thanked the giver of the the compliment – it arrived at the perfect moment.

Now what?

Probably nothing, ‘cos I hold title to being the world’s biggest procrastinator. Those three books with titles and about 500 words each — I look at them from time to time and…and then I go shopping.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, here’s a few words with a pic that perfectly describe ME.procrastinate

However. Even without my tugboat man home to fill my days – and nights – it was an awesome weekend.

I had my first photography lesson on Saturday. A whole new world has been revealed to me: Fstops, aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, rules of three — it was like being back in kindergarten and only knowing a few words but wanting to read all the books in the whole world.

After the class, I met a friend and we made calls on behalf of a local politician running for office who promises to eradicate stores that sells puppies from mills and factories.

Sunday was full of old school, pre-internet technology activities.

I washed all the bedding, turned the mattress (does anybody even DO that anymore?).

Laundered, ironed, and rehung curtains.

Re-organized the laundry room. Our laundry room is on the top level (third floor) of our tri-level home, and it’s packed to the rafters with shelving in addition to a washer and dryer.

Now it’s all clean and orderly.

I used my mini/handheld steam cleaner and made the showers happy and hard water deposit-free.

I washed windows. And screens.

Sunday 9:00 p.m.

The only sounds are the tick tock of a seashell clock and the gurgling of our pond’s waterfall in the backyard.

It’s warm outside and the patio doors are wide open. There’s not much breeze but there’s a lot of quiet.

I ate junk food.

I drank wine.

I’m exhausted.

But full of happy.

Wishing you some happy, too!

13 thoughts on “I’ve Strayed

  1. Oh, I really want to take a photography class, so enjoy!

    Just be you and the rest will come to you….but personally I never noticed you being stats obsessed or such.


  2. It’s tough to balance writing what you want to write vs. what you think others want to read. Because then, you think, if they come and read all these things I specifically wrote to lure them in, maybe then they’ll stick around when you’re writing what you want to write instead! That’s fair, right? Sure! They owe you!

    …and then “they” disappear without a trace, not even another “Like” tossed at you as a distraction while they’re sneaking out the door, and you’re left sitting there with entries you weren’t enthusiastic about writing, the kind you look askance at later and see nothing but flaws, and then a year passes and you can’t remember a single word in them worth keeping. But then you move on to the next piece that you think everyone else will love, and the cycle repeats because this will be the golden-ticket entry that convinces them to stick around!

    …orrrr maybe that’s just me. 😀

    I’ll say this, though: your writing style is one of many reasons why I keep popping in here. That free-flowing honesty, that energetic lack of pretense, just you being you sets your site apart from the crowd. ‘Tis a pleasure being among the readership!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s all about the writing. Although I follow lots of blogs on many different topics, I tend to stick to three most important reasons why I blog and read blogs: good writing, good photography, and lots of travel stories. Yes, I’m one with you in turning mattresses. And yes, I find myself straying away from my essence from time to time. I guess it’s healthy sometimes coz I can’t wait to go back to it. Have a lovely week x

    Liked by 1 person

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