Confession: I’m Addicted to Wheat Grass

gardenoflifewheatgrass2I’m not REALLY addicted, I was being hyperbolic — what I really mean is that I love wheat grass and greens of all kinds.

But I AM a wheat grass junkie!

I love the fresh green fragrance; I love the way it tastes; I love the grassiness of it, I love the color, and I love the feeling that it’s happily dancing in my body with all of its gorgeous greenness infusing my cells with energy and light.

Garden of Life’s Raw 100% Organic Young Wheatgrass Juice PowderΒ — is SO GOOD.

A shot of freshly pressed grass is a great pick-me-up on one of my marathon shopping days — the kind of endurance shopping that calls for stamina and more of a lift than caffeine provides — Β but THIS is superior on a daily basis.

Always great in a smoothie, but I also love it mixed with water for workouts. It’s perfectly yummy in my Hello Kitty/Yale water bottle.

I know lots of people scrunch up their faces and think it tastes yucky, but I swear it doesn’t and the more you drink it, the more you’ll love it.

Here’s a tip: Eating a slice of freshly cut orange after you drink wheat grass helps just like a squeeze of lime helps with shots of tequila, I guess πŸ™‚

Garden of Life

12 thoughts on “Confession: I’m Addicted to Wheat Grass

  1. There’s a famous place down your way, I forgot the name, that serves a lot of wheat grass, that I’ve got on my bucket list to go to, just for a health overhaul. Optimum Health! I just searched out San Diego, wheat grass, health spas and it came up, lol. Too funny. Huggie wuggie to you and have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s my favorite. I love to go to our little veggie cafe Life Alive and order a double shot. I love the earthiness , I feel so wonderful and grounded after. Namaste

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