I’m Guessing The Honeymoon Is OVER

Source:Found on Pinterest

Source: Found on Pinterest

Here’s why.

This is what it’s like being married to a professional mariner who’s also a surfer.

My erstwhile and often absent tugboat man is trying to program his work schedule for the rest of the year based solely upon future winter swell forecasts, and NOT about being home for the holidays.

On his regular daily call, I was forced to listen to a thirty minute diatribe (while he’s studying a calendar) about these pressing issues:

“If I come home now, I’ll miss the next swell but if I stay a bit longer, it’ll put me in the perfect position for that potentially big December surf.”

Nice to know I’m such a high priority in his thought process, right?

Welcome to my world, friends.

And don’t even think for ONE MOMENT that I’m not contemplating either jewelry or a new dress that will look FANTASTIC with those new Loubies I’m getting because of his previous infraction.

(Hee hee)


19 thoughts on “I’m Guessing The Honeymoon Is OVER

  1. i don’t understand punitive shopping. Is this a California thing? Does your husband buy himself an outrageous toy every time you’re unpleasant? Is there some sort of rule going on that didn’t make it this far east?

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    • Mostly I write tongue-in-cheek so the punitive shopping is just meant to be funny. If my hub bought himself something every time I was unpleasant, we’d be broke, haha! No, I just think it’s kinda funny to gently poke fun at him and our marriage. No real meanness, and yes, I’d have to say it’s a Southern California thing, cos lots of my lady friends like to spend $$ as punishment. He’s not REALLY scheduling work based on surf, it only seems that way sometimes. Sorry to be misleading to you-just know that most of the time, I’m trying to be funny.(And I’d shop anyway, cos that’s what I love to do)


      • Ahhhh. Ok. Thanks for the explanation. Sometimes the California way of life is so different, that i just cant tell! Since i am well-acquainted with my state’s more … Hippy/environmentalist population… I see a very different social bent. I have Texas relatives that are big believers in punative shopping, but i thought they were just twisted. You made me wonder about it! I don’t particularly like to shop, so the whole thing mystifies me.

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      • I don’t like to shop in crowds, but I can lose myself in the colors and textures. This is funny. Last month, hub and I went to SF to visit my son and he was showing us around his new neighborhood and told me to go into this particular store he thought I’d like (cos his wife, my DIL, does) and son/hub were going to go to a bookstore and they’d meet me in a few minutes. Well, I forgot about time and everything, looking through a basket of scarves. I was crouched down on the floor in my own little world and I looked up finally to see hub looking at me like I was “challenged”. He said I was so intent on looking at every.single.scarf. that he was afraid to call my name for fear of scaring me. I guess I had lost all track of time and they were getting worried about me. See, with me, it’s not always about the purchase-it’s about looking at beautiful things. I should write a post about that lol!

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