Crowdsourcing, Lemon Sex, and Giving the Carnies a VEGASM

This is the way a wonderful mind works. From my crowdsourcing FB post to a sexy typo, it all comes together beautifully. Read on, my friends, and you will love her too!


When a friend puts out a crowdsourcing call for vegan appetisers and desserts, because she’s going to a ‘do’ and needs to arrive with one hand longer than the other*, you help, right? Even if you don’t know what you’re talking about (because you’re not a vegan). When said friend is a Princess, you respond with alacrity and a damn good recipe (which you may or may not have made up off the top of your head, assuming that the vegan world will provide workable equivalents for things like butter and cream).

When you then flub your typing and send said Princess a sweet pastry case recipe which includes ‘lemon sex’ instead of ‘lemon zest’…well, you die laughing and send it anyway.

Crowdsourcing and Lemon Sex

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