Snow…Snow…SNOW! In Southern California!

like the nacre of a million
perfectly pristine pearls
A confection of frosted pines
                                                           (by Princess Rosebud)


It might not be a big deal to a lot of you who experience snow every winter, but snow falling to around one thousand feet in the foothills of our valleys and mountains is a big deal for this Southern California girl!

An arctic storm brought a lot of snow down to almost record breaking levels; of course I needed to end 2014 with a snowball fight. The snow was amazingly light and fluffy.

A winter wonderland  and only about twenty minutes away!


20 thoughts on “Snow…Snow…SNOW! In Southern California!

  1. Great pictures and glad that you had fun. Hard to believe but we don’t have snow yet here in northern IL. No snow in December or so far this year. Our grass is green! Heard we might get some later this weekend.

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  2. It must be a treat seeing snow in your neck of the woods. Here in NJ it’s pretty but a pain when you have to go out in it. Luckily we haven’t had any yet this year at the shore, but today’s sky looks a bit like some precipitation…

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