Was Jennifer Aniston REALLY a Bitch to Benedict Cumberbatch?

Last night, in a blaze of dueling tweets, those of us who thrive on celebrity stupidity were glued to our televisions AND our fingers were SMOKING to offer thousands of unwanted opinions on all topics Golden Globes-related.

(This is one of the few activities that I thoroughly enjoy when my tugboat man is out to sea. I can watch and tweet without hearing his snotty, sarcastic complaints and girly-like whining and whinging.)

The following are some of my observations of last night’s show, in no particular order, just as I’m remembering them.

One moment stood out for me right at the beginning of the show.

When Tina Fey asked for someone to volunteer to announce the first award with Jennifer Aniston, Benedict Cumberbatch was chosen. What followed was either a poorly thought out and executed skit OR Jennifer Aniston is an ungracious, selfish, self-centered BITCH.

I choose the latter.

In my opinion, Cumby was genuinely excited to be chosen – he was a bit nervous in a totes adorbs way, and seemed to have no pretense about him.

On the other hand, JenASS was dismissive, rude to him, short-tempered, and even made a comment sotto voce about “doing it by herself”.

If it was pre-planned, and I don’t think it was, it fell flat.

Like I said in a tweet. “Cumberbatch rules, Aniston drools.”

What do you think?

Similar to the overkill with Margaret Cho as a Korean dictator. It was kinda funny the first time or two, but we got message, OK?

More relevant and eloquent was the speech by the foreign press guy (can’t remember his name) about free speech and the horrific tragedy in Paris.

For me, even with the anticipation of Tina Fey and Amy Pohler, the Golden Globes was simply “Je suis ennui.” (I am bored.)

I wasn’t wowed by them this year, sorry everyone!

The Cosby jokes were cringey and kinda in bad taste, ‘cos I don’t think rape is at all funny, and certainly not a topic to joke about.

I love love loved Michael Keaton tearing up about his son. That was beautiful.

I was never a fan of single George Clooney (I actually bet my tugboat man he was gay a while back) so married GC doesn’t really bother me. I’m not getting the marriage to an obviously brilliant international barrister, though. It seems to be a weird match — down for her, up for him – and THAT Fey/Pohler bit was funny AND great observational humor.

What else…trying to remember. Oh yeah. Then there was Kristen Wiig. Girl, PLEASE don’t wear my bedroom drapes and matching pillow to an awards show again. Thank you. It was hideous on so many levels.

And then there was Prince. Totes cray, right?

Fashion-wise, there lots of double-sided sticky taped boobage every where you looked. Kate Hudson looked amazing, JLo did not. Kate Beckinsdale is so gorgeous I have a girl crush on her. Poor Melissa McCarthy and Lena Dunham. Sad.

But the very best surprise of the night is that I’m now being followed on Twitter by the brilliant, insanely snarky comedian, Carolyn Rhea! I’ve always admired her wit and ability to cut to the heart of a situation. I wish she had her own show!

Like to follow me? I’m at: https://twitter.com/EnchantedCshel

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15 thoughts on “Was Jennifer Aniston REALLY a Bitch to Benedict Cumberbatch?

  1. I think we are birds of a feather because I agree with all of your observations. The Cosby jokes were …just not something to joke about. Ugh. Great recap —I definitely need to be following your tweets more closely! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, I still don’t get the Cumberbatch/Aniston thing. There’s not much online about it, so I was thinking it was staged. If so, as you point out, it was poorly executed on her part.

    Agree with the Cosby jokes–not funny. And I’m sure the women involved in the accusations would agree.


  3. I totally agree about Jennifer Aniston! She came across so rude and disrespectful! I’m like you, I don’t think it was a planned thing. And the comment about usually doing this by herself was just plain hateful! Obviously there is a reason why she usually does this alone! No one wants to present anything with a bitch! Or is it that she doesn’t want to share the spotlight?! Either way, not so much of a fan anymore! And the Cosby jokes were way out of line as well! Didn’t see entire show so awesome having your rundown! Good job, thx!


  4. Sorry, Anniston is amazing… I’m not even sure who Cumber… cumberbun? Yeah… I’m not sure who that is.
    And Keaton has always been a class act.
    I didn’t watch the GG, though, so can’t really comment on the rest. I would agree, on principle, that rape is never a subject to joke about, and I cringed when I read reviews the day after that said they brought up Cosby several times… I know you need to toe the line with comedy, but it would seem the best should have plenty of options to do that without resorting to jokes about rape. Right?

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